Are John and Megan From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day: The Single Life’ is a well-known spinoff of the original ‘90 Day Fiancé‘ franchise that primarily focuses on the lives of some of its biggest stars who are now single and hoping to find love once more. Each cast member of the show goes on their own unique journey, which has allowed the public to discover various new love stories. Consider the dynamic duo of John McManus and Megan, whom the viewers were introduced to in season 4 of the show. The couple’s dynamic journey easily captivated the world, making many people wonder if their relationship is still going strong.

John and Megan Struggled Over Their Living Situation

In season 4 of ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ John McManus happily revealed that he was no longer a single man. He disclosed how he met Megan through the wonders of the internet. Megan had apparently messaged him first, sliding into his DMs easily. For John, Megan’s sense of humor was certainly a selling point, given how similar it was to his own. For the next few months, the two talked over the internet, with John falling harder and faster for his new partner.

About four months into the start of their chatting phase, John decided to travel to San Antonio, Texas, in order to meet Megan, who lived there. The journey itself was one that he was looking forward and the couple soon realized that apart from their banter, they were also compatible when it came to the physical part of their relationship. For John, things could not have been going better, but soon Megan revealed that she wanted John to meet her daughter, the four-year-old River.

This particular wish made John nervous as he was unsure about taking up a parental role. The discussion of him possibly moving to San Antonio was also a big one, though it seemed like John was ready to take the step in order to be closer to Megan, whom he had come to care for very much. Additionally, he also seemed to be becoming more receptive to the idea of becoming a part of River’s life but still wasn’t sure whether he himself was ready for such a responsibility. Eventually, he did meet with River and was certainly coming around to the idea of changing cities.

Soon enough, Megan traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, in order to see how John lived and meet with his friends and family. Unfortunately, she did not find herself being much impressed with what she saw. Unhappy about how John was living with his younger brother, Matthew, Megan grew more concerned when, while conversing with Patrick Mendez and Thais Ramone, she came to know that John had claimed that he never wanted to be a father. When Megan stated that she had always wanted a boy and a girl, Patrick emphasized that John “definitely” didn’t want that.

Despite the doubts this caused Megan, John remained adamant that he wanted to be with Megan and declared that he would be moving to San Antonio. After an almost 18-hour drive, John moved into Megan’s home, though the fact that they had to sleep in two different beds on opposite sides of the house did seem to bother them both. Not long after his move, John and Megan had another conversation regarding their future, where Megan broached the idea of more concrete proof of their commitment, alluding to an engagement. John maintained that while his decision to move is certainly a big indication of how much he cares for Megan, he does not want to rush into another marriage, given his past.

John and Megan Have Yet to Share an Update

Following her trip to Las Vegas, Megan grew concerned about just how dedicated John McManus was toward their relationship. Was he ready to be a parent and move to San Antonio? However, John himself answered these questions by moving to Megan’s city and sharing a home with her and her daughter. He also confessed that he was not completely averse to the idea of a child in the future, though this still seemed like a topic that he was unsure about.

As of writing, neither John nor Megan have shared any news regarding the current status of their relationship. Given the complicated nature of their issues, it is possible that the two might still be figuring things out. John posted a picture of Megan quite recently, which might be a good indication of the continuation of their relationship. Nevertheless, it is evident that if the two did decide to stay together, the world would be introduced to a whole new side of John.

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