Are Natalie and Josh From 90 Day: The Single Life Still Together?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ offers us an authentic sneak peek into the lives of American citizens who are engaged with foreign nationals. Showcasing a heavy dose of romance and interpersonal drama, the series got so popular that it gave way to several exciting spinoffs. One such spinoff, ’90 Day: The Single Life,’ takes the viewer through the lives of original ’90 Day’ cast members who are yet to find their happy endings. The show details their search for new love and plans for the future, which makes for an interesting watch.

Ukrainian native Natalie Mordovtseva appeared for the first time on ’90 Day: Fiance’ season 7. At that time, she was engaged to US native Mike Youngquist, and the duo was known for their explosive and dramatic fights. The two ultimately tied the knot. Unfortunately, their relationship could not stand the test of time, and Natalie went on to meet Josh Weinstein in ’90 Day: The Single Life’ season 3. However, with fans noticing cracks in Natalie and Josh’s relationship in the later season of the spinoff, they are curious to know if they are together.

Natalie and Josh’s 90 Day: The Single Life Journey

Once Natalie and Michael Youngquist separated, the Ukrainian native shifted to Florida and dipped her toes into the dating scene. After going on a few unsuccessful dates, Natalie met and got acquainted with Josh Weinstein while attending a modeling event. Josh, the CEO of a modeling agency, seemed completely smitten with Natalie, much to her joy. Speaking to the producers about their relationship, Natalie mentioned that while Mike is conservative and predictable, she loves Josh’s wild and spontaneous nature, which made their connection stronger.

Moreover, Natalie was also ready to settle down and start a family, and Josh seemed perfect for that plan. Initially, Josh responded well to Natalie’s advances, and the two got involved in a whirlwind romance. Even with the US native living in Los Angeles, California, the two made long-distance work. However, Natalie’s seemingly unpredictable behavior bothered Josh from time to time. Still, he was willing to give her a genuine chance and even invited her to meet his parents in Arizona.

Once in Arizona, Natalie got into a minor altercation with Josh’s ex after learning that she shares a child with him. As the Ukrainian native wanted to settle down and start a family as fast as possible, she was pretty disappointed to learn that Josh wasn’t very enthusiastic about having another child. While Josh stated that his work schedule did not allow him to pay attention elsewhere, Natalie wasn’t happy with his answer, and the couple parted ways with their fate still hanging in the balance.

However, by the time season 4 came around, things between Natalie and Josh seemed to have gotten much better. In fact, the former herself had started the process of moving to Los Angeles in order to further her career in the entertainment industry. Just before Natalie moved, she was joined by her mother, Nelia, who still remained partial towards Michael. When the two ladies traveled to Los Angeles, Nelia could not help but be miffed about the fact that Josh had not met them at the airport.

That said, Josh did seem to have helped smoothen over the move for Natalie and Nelia by a lot. Not only had he arranged for them to live comfortably during the initial days of the move, but he also arranged for some opportunities for Natalie. From dinner parties with Josh’s friends in the industry to his arranging for a receptionist job interview for Natalie, he did seem to have helped the Ukranian native a lot. However, Nelia remained attached to Michael. Meanwhile, Josh’s friends pointed out how much effort he had put into helping Natalie.

Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein Have Parted Ways

Given the rising tensions between Natalie Mordovtseva and Josh Weinstein, fans could not help but fear that the two might be headed for heartbreak. With Nelia’s insistence that Josh was doing Natalie a disservice by not introducing her to his kids, Natalie could not help but feel offended when Josh stated that he was not inviting her to celebrate Christmas or Halloween with him because she didn’t know this daughter. For Natalie, the solution to this was simple, but Josh’s hesitance led Natalie to question many more things, especially given the hope Josh seemed unsure about their future together.

Natalie also came to a realization that she was hoping for a bit more commitment than what Josh had given to her till then, admitting that she would have married by now had it been anyone else. As such, she resolved to end the relationship. Both parties were devastated by the outcome, and they agreed to separate, with Natalie resolving to build her own life in Los Angeles. In a recent interview, Natalie added that Josh was not involved in her financial matters anymore.

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