12 Best Charlie Sheen Movies And TV Shows

Carlos Estevez, better known as Charlie Sheen, is one actor, who needs no introduction. Having entered the industry at the tender age of nine, his checkered career has a host of films and television series to boast of, for which he also earned multiple awards and nominations. His life has been a matter of public discussion ever since he came out clean on his HIV infection, but that did not deter the Bad Boy of Hollywood, born with a silver spoon, to live life on his own terms.

Sheen has done a number of films ever since he stepped into the world of cinema and appeared in lead roles as well as supporting roles and also in a long list of cameos. His stint on the small screen was widely appreciated and Charlie Sheen became one of the world’s favourite bad boys in “Anger Management”. Here’s a list of top 12 films and TV shows starring Charlie Sheen.


12. Red Dawn (1984)

The movie starring Patrick Swayze in the lead also featured C. Thomas Howell, Lea Thompson and Charlie Sheen in the supporting cast. It was a war film that told the tale of two young brothers and their friends, who go up in arms against the Soviet occupation of America, in the middle of a college lecture. As the story unfolds, it shows how the team stands up to the Communists and foils their every move. Sheen played Swayze’s brother and second-in-command of the youth brigade and shone in his gutsy role.


11. Anger Management (2012-2014)

Based on Adam Sandler, Jack Nicholson-starrer movie of the same name, “Anger Management” began as a sitcom on the small screen, featuring Charlie Sheen in the lead role. When a temperamental ex-baseball player has to quit his game due to anger problems, he turns to a therapist for help; eventually becoming one and training other patients manage their anger issues. Although the series was not well received initially, it garnered attention later on, portraying Sheen in a role that was best suited to him.


10. Eight Men Out (1988)

Based on true incidents, inspired by the biggest sporting scandal in America, dubbed as the Black Sox Scandal, ‘Eight Men Out’ was the story of how the best players from a league baseball team went hand-in-glove with professional gamblers to lose the series. It related how when their dark secrets are out in public, their careers and lives are at stake. Starring John Cusack in the lead, the film saw Charlie Sheen as one of the real-life shady players Happy Felsch.


9. Wall Street (1987)

A young stock broker, aspiring to make it big in the industry, constantly pursues a legendary broker, passing on illegal inside information in the process and finally making his way towards the top. Greed gets the better of both men and soon they become the undisputed champions of the game, until situations spiral out of control. While Michael Douglas played the immoral veteran stock broker, Sheen was seen as the young aspirant, going all out to make him heard and seen.


8. Silence Of The Heart (1984)

Quite ahead of its time, the telefilm, which wasn’t released in theatres, dealt with the topic of teenage suicide that was never touched upon in a film made for the small screen and it paved the way for other movies with similar topics that needed open discussions. The film starred Chad Lowe as the teenager that commits suicide, thinking his parents would never understand his point of view, while Sheen played his best friend, who later helps Lowe’s family come out of their grieving.


7. Rated X (2000)

A made-for-television film, Charlie Sheen starred with his brother Emilio Estevez in the biographical drama movie, where the siblings played the Mitchell Brothers, who were pioneers in the pornography industry. Directed by Estevez, the movie talked about the rise and the subsequent fall of the brothers in the business, where none had thought of venturing before. Sheen effortlessly played the younger of the two brothers in the film.

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