Charlie Sheen Net Worth

How much is Charlie Sheen worth? $10 million

How did Charlie Sheen earn his money and wealth?

Charlie Sheen was born in New York City. While growing up, he was interested in acting through his father, Martin Sheen, who was a Broadway performer. All of Sheen’s other siblings have grown up to be actors too. At age 9, Charlie got a chance to play a small part in his dad’s movie The Execution of Private Slovik (1974).

During his high school years Sheen was interested in acting and baseball. This had a huge influence on the kind of role he would select for himself in his later career. His obsession with both of these activities were main reasons behind his bad grades and poor attendance because of which he expelled school. After this Charlie pursued his acting career passionately. His major break in movies was a high school student in a teen war film Red Dawn that made $38,376,497. He subsequently followed up by appearing in numerous small roles television movies. His big break in movies came when he was offered to star in Oliver Stone’s Oscar winning movie Platoon (1986) that grossed $138,530,565 . Sheen’s performance got critical appraise from audience and critics alike on the depiction of a young soldier who was in the middle a of moral crisis during the Vietnam war.

After the success of Platoon, Oliver cast Sheen in his subsequent project Wall Street (1987). The movie also cast his father Martin Sheen. This movie also became an instant hit with the audience. Shortly after Sheen was approached again by Oliver for his next film Born on the Forth of July, which went forward with Tom Cruise as the main lead. This made Sheen had a fall out with Oliver.

After a fall out with Oliver, Sheen did not see any side effect on his career and 90’s also became a productive year for him where he went forward to cement his place in Hollywood. He starred in movies like Young Guns (1988) which grossed $45,661,556, Major League (1989) which grossed 49.8 million, and Hot Shots!(1991) that made 181.1 million.

In subsequent years, Sheen began to party hard and was indulged in drug abuse for which he had to resort to rehab. This however had a very negative impact on his career where most of his films did not perform well or simply just flopped. These included films like The Arrival (1996) and Shadow Conspiracy (1997). With 90’s coming to end Sheen decided to start fresh.

In 2000’s Sheen cleaned his act and was approached to replace Michael J. Fox on the ABC hit sitcom Spin City (1996). Though this gig lasted 2 season, it was enough to bring him in eyes of CBS producers who then made him an addition in their sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond (1996). Sheen then starred in Two and a Half Men, where he plays a part of a womanizer who becomes responsible when his nephew suddenly appears on his doorstep. The show became a raving success and bought Sheen career back in the limelight.

What are the highest grossing movies of Charlie Sheen?

1. Scary Movie 3: $220.7 million
2. Due Date: $211.8 million
3. Hot Shots!: $181.1 million
4. Scary Movie 4: $178.3 million
5. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: $134.7 million
6. Hot Shots! Part Deux: $133.8 million
7. Scary Movie 5: $78.4 million
8. Money Talks: $48.4 million
9. Being John Malkovich: $22.9 million
10. Machete Kills: $15.0 million
11. The Big Bounce: $6.8 million
12. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III: $210,565

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