Charmed Season 3 Episode 7: What’s in Store?

The sixth episode of ‘Charmed’ season 3 sees the sisters dealing with individual struggles stemming from their love lives for most of the episode. However, there’s a major development towards resolving a long-standing mystery of the show thanks to Macy and Harry’s exploits. But before we get into the details of the latest episode in the recap section, let’s take a look at what we can expect from the magical sisters’ next outing in ‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 7!

Charmed Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 7 is set to premiere on March 21, 2021, at 9 pm ET on The CW. The show drops new episodes every Sunday on the network.

Where To Stream Charmed Season 3 Episode 7 Online?

You can easily watch ‘Charmed’ season 3 episode 7, by tuning into The CW at the aforementioned date and time. Additionally, new episodes of the show are available on The CW’s official website and The CW App a day after their premiere on the network. Those without a cable subscription can stream the show on live TV streaming platforms such as Fubo TV, DirecTV, and YouTube TV. You can also opt to purchase new episodes of the show on VOD platforms Amazon Prime Video or iTunes.

Charmed Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers

The seventh episode of ‘Charmed’ season 3 titled ‘Witch Way Out’ is likely to set-up a love triangle for Mel and Maggie while Macy will continue to deal with the age difference between her and Harry. Here’s the official synopsis The CW has released for the episode – “The Charmed Ones take on the Tomb of Chaos while navigating ever greater challenges in their professional lives.” Check out the promo for the new episode below:

Charmed Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

In the sixth episode of ‘Charmed’ season 3 titled ‘Private Enemy No. 1,’ Macy and Harry come across a magical orb in possession of an alien conspiracy theorist. The orb has an effect on Harry that creates a drug-like influence on him. This leads the duo to a fifth-dimensional prison. Upon discovering the prison, the two realize they probably allowed the prisoners to escape due to their actions in an earlier episode of the season. For now, it seems Macy and Harry are one step closer to uncovering the truth about the mysterious creatures that have proved to be a thorn in the sisters’ side for some time now.

The effects of the orb also bring to light Harry’s lingering feelings about the age difference between him and Macy. The two have a brief conversation about it, but the issue persists. As Macy and Harry play mystical detective, Mel and Maggie deal with their particular personal problems. Mel faces challenges in pursuing a romantic relationship with Ruby without being able to touch her. This causes some tension between the two as Ruby starts feeling jealous. They ultimately make up after an argument and reaffirm their romantic feelings for each other. The episode also sees Mel getting closer to Abby after they had a rocky start to their friendship.

Meanwhile, Maggie continues to concentrate on her studies and personal interests over her love life. Destiny seems to have other plans as her visions indicate her personal and professional lives are about to collide. She also grows warmer towards Antonio, and they move past their bickering stage. Maggie’s relationship with Jordan continues to remain dormant as she is focusing on getting an internship, while Jordan continues to provide her moral support.