Cheap Old Houses’ Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein: Marriage, Family and Kids

Self-proclaimed lovers of old houses, Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein believe in the saying “old is gold.” They have spent years feeding their passion and documenting affordable and beautiful old properties for sale through the hugely successful Instagram handle ‘Cheap Old Houses’ and the website CIRCA Old Houses. ‘HGTV’s’ take on ‘Cheap Old Houses’ follows the hosts as they try to rescue, renovate and sell majestic yet low-priced old properties.

With Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein being relatively new in the reality TV circle, their home improvement show has brought a sudden rise to their popularity. Naturally, fans must be curious to know everything about the couple. Well, fret not as we come bearing answers!

Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein’s Profession

After graduating from high school, Elizabeth Solomon Finkelstein earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from New York University in 2003. The Queensbury native even completed a year-long certified course in Interior Design from Milan’s Istituto Europeo di Design. Always a brilliant student, Elizabeth wanted to achieve greater heights in her career, which led her to earn a Master’s degree in Historic Preservation from Pratt Institute in 2008.

Over the years, Elizabeth has held numerous prestigious positions and was even employed as a visiting professor at Pratt Institute from 2012-2013. She is also a regular contributor to the Country Living Magazine. Ultimately, Elizabeth found her actual calling in life, and along with her husband, she founded the Circa Old Houses website, which is an online house marketplace. Soon, their real estate business took off, following which, the pair started to document their finds on the ‘Cheap Old Houses’ Instagram account, which found massive success through sheer dedication and hard work.

On the other hand, Ethan graduated from Cherry Hill High School East with a High School Diploma in 2001. In the same year, he enrolled himself in the Art Institute of Philadelphia. During his time at the institute, Ethan held an excellent academic record and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Media in 2003. He then undertook numerous Graphic and Interactive Designer jobs before joining a Hugo Boss project as an Art Director.

Moreover, Ethan has also worked as an Art Director and a Freelance Art Director/Designer for Mastercard’s Priceless Picks 2.0 campaign and Loreal USA, respectively. In December 2007, Ethan started his own digital marketing agency through which he provided marketing and branding for beauty and luxury brands. However, he too found his passion for historical houses while building the website for Circa Old Houses for his wife. It wasn’t long before Ethan got involved in Elizabeth’s passion project, and together the two reached greater heights with ‘Cheap Old Houses.’

Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein’s Marriage and Family

Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein are not just partners at work but also partners for life. Although it is unclear when the couple met, Ethan shares his wife’s love for saving and preserving old houses and has been beside her ever since her foray into the real estate industry. According to reports, the couple even got married in Elizabeth’s 1850s Greek revival family house in Queensbury, New York. However, when Elizabeth saw that her parents were struggling to sell the majestic property, she and her husband decided to do something about it.

Ethan, who was originally a founder of a digital marketing agency, helped Elizabeth create a property listings website – Circa Old Houses – through which the couple took a different approach to the real estate business. Ethan even helped Elizabeth set up the Instagram account ‘Cheap Old Houses’ and runs it alongside her to this very day. As an ever-dedicated husband, Ethan has supported Elizabeth throughout all her ups and downs, and she has done the same.

Elizabeth and Ethan Finkelstein’s Children

Moreover, the two are proud parents to a wonderful baby boy – Everett Finkelstein – who often features on the pair’s social media accounts. The family loves making beautiful memories, and both Elizabeth and Ethan often take time out of their busy schedules to spend time together. At present, the family resides in Nyack, New York, and has built up a home full of love and happiness. It is lovely to witness their deep familial bond, and we hope for their future to always be filled with joy.

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