Lifetime’s Cheer Camp Killer: All Filming Locations And Cast Details

Lifetime TV’s Fall lineup called “Fear The Cheer” includes the movie ‘Cheer Camp Killer’. The made-for-TV film ‘Cheer Camp Killer’ is about a cheerleader captain’s jealousy-driven vendetta, putting a newly joined girl’s life in danger. Sophia is the new girl who is absolutely ecstatic when she gets invited to a prestigious and exclusive cheerleading camp. She is excited to attend the camp with her best friend Charlotte, who also was able to clear the selection. The two girls are quite eager to show their talent on the field. When Sophia starts to get a lot of praise, admiration, and attention for her cheerleading talent, it does not sit well with the reigning cheer camp queen/captain Victoria. Victoria, the cheerleading coach’s daughter, likes to keep the spotlight on herself. When Victoria starts to feel threatened by Sophia, she and her mother, Coach Beth, hatch an evil plan to get rid of Sophia permanently. Here we have got more details on the filming location and the cast of this movie.

Cheer Camp Killer: Where Was it Filmed?

The movie ‘Cheer Camp Killer’ was filmed during the pandemic, in late-July and early-August, 2020, amid all the COVID-19 restrictions. Filming took place entirely on location in Los Angeles, California, USA. Here is the exact location where ‘Cheer Camp Killer’ was shot.

Cathedral High School, Los Angeles, California

Principal photography of this film took place inside the college preparatory school, Cathedral High. The school is situated at 1253 Bishops Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States. It is an all-boys private prep school that boasts a great football field, track, and gym. This is not the first time a movie has filmed here, though. Cathedral High School has served as filming location for a couple of music videos and films like ‘City of Angels’ (1998), ‘All You’ve Got’ (2006), ‘All Cheerleaders Die’ (2013), and ‘Be Somebody’ (2016).

Cheer Camp Killer Cast

‘Cheer Camp Killer’ stars well-known actor Andrea Bogart (Abby Haver from ‘General Hospital’) as Victoria’s mother, Beth. Also starring in the movie as the main cast are relatively new actors Mariah Robinson as Sophia, Sydney Malakeh as Victoria, and Jacqueline Scislowski (Yellow Ranger from ‘Power Rangers Beast Morphers’) as Charlotte. The supporting cast includes Jennifer Marshall, Megan Grabau, Kelli Dawn Hancock, Jana Eve Lepowski, Christi Fisher, and Philip McElroy. The film is written by Anna White and directed by Randy Carter.

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