Where is Chelsea Autumn From The Millionaire Matchmaker Now?

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Hosted by Patti Stanger, the owner of Beverly Hills’ dating service firm ‘Millionaire’s Club,’ the reality television series ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ follows her as she takes on the challenge of matching single affluent people with dates closely compatible with them. The show further delves into the private life of Patti and her tenacious staff as they handle the dramas revolving around matchmaking offerings. Her team has several high-profile matchmakers considered some of the finest in their field, handling a wide range of clients.

One of the finest among them, and Patti’s second in command, is the Vice President of matchmaking, Chelsea Autumn. She joined the team in season 1 and quickly became a key member. Over her 3-year stint, she helped hundreds of potential singles find lasting love on reality television till she eventually parted ways with Patti in season 3. Before that, she was also helping Patti run the business for 5 years. It’s been a while since fans have heard of Chelsea post her television stint, leaving them wondering about her current whereabouts.

Chelsea Has Fond Memories From Her Time on the Show

Viewers were first introduced to Chelsea as one of Patti’s key associates in ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ in the series debut. She and the team consisting of Destin Pfaff and Rachel Federoff, helped Patti find love for their wealthy clients. They mostly used an unorthodox process to get results. She would often go on dates with the potential matches to understand their characteristic nuances to ensure a perfect match. She was extremely passionate and dedicated to helping her clients find their soulmates. Her efforts mostly bore fruit and earned her the appreciation and love of both the clients and the team.

The focus was to find a VIP clientele who were struggling to find their “one true love.” Everyone worked together as a unit as they handled all sorts of clients and outrageous demands, even if they seemed absolutely impossible to match. Through all their experiences, the group stuck together and did their best to ensure each client had a memorable experience through their services.

Though Chelsea quit the show in season 3, she was thankful for the knowledge she had gained. When asked by Daily Dish about her experiences, she expressed gratitude and shared, “I don’t have any regrets at all. I think it was a great learning experience. Each season, I think, brought a different learning experience.” She also fondly recalled her time with the team and the camaraderie the group enjoyed, further adding, “It was very close, and I think that’s what I miss from it because we spent so much time together and were kind of like a family unit. I think that’s what was hardest for me.”

Chelsea Runs Her Own Matchmaking Service Today

After she quit the show, Chelsea cut ties with Patti and the team and hasn’t spoken to them since. While there was a little tension post her exit from the show, when she called Patti Stanger “brutal and stressful to work with” in an interview with TMZ, the star matchmaker has since moved on. The Western Illinois University graduate has also been actively working on herself and watching her business reach greater heights. She appeared on several other channels, such as VH1 and TMZ, and some shows after her stint on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’

Chelsea subsequently started her own matchmaking service, Queen of Hearts, in 2009 in Los Angeles. The boutique service caters to a handful of clients each month and was rebranded to Chelsea Autumn in 2014. She handles each of her clients personally. In the midst of setting up her new business, the Springfield, Illinois native returned to college and earned herself a degree in clinical counseling.

She then shifted focus from matchmaking and began working primarily as a relationship counselor. Chelsea wanted to help singles who crave love but fear being vulnerable in a world that is increasingly becoming digital. Shedding further light to Bravo TV, she shared, “I have my Masters Degree now from Pepperdine University in clinical counseling. I’m really focusing on helping people find the love that they want. I really want to get to the core person and why they don’t have the love that they want, need, and deserve. So I’m really focusing on that.”

Chelsea has been very vocal about her professional life but has preferred to keep her personal life private. The star has a social media presence and occasionally posts updates to the delight of fans. Though not much is known about her relationship status, the star matchmaker claims that she is currently single. Going by the looks of it, she is happy and content doing the work she’s wanted to do while spreading smiles and love along the way.

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