Jason And Neon: Is the Millionaire Matchmaker Duo Still Together?

‘Million Dollar Matchmaker’ follows the same format as ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’ Though the reality show broadcasts on WE TV instead of Bravo, it manages to generate the unadulterated drama, fiascos, and entertainment of the original, as there is no shortage of lonely millionaires trying to find love. Jason Ziegler and Neon Hitch appeared in season 1, in the episode that was creatively titled, ‘The Pop Star and American Psycho.’ The two were poles apart, but their chemistry was beautiful, and fans couldn’t stop marveling over their relationship. But that was back in 2016, so where does their connection stand now? Here’s all that you need to know! 

Jason and Neon’s Million Dollar Matchmaker Journey

On the show, Jason Ziegler entered as a 41-year-old Investment Banker with great looks and an even greater bank balance. On the other hand, Neon Hitch, a UK pop star, appeared with high hopes while her debut album ‘Anarchy’ was still under production. Host Patti is known for her brutal honesty with her clients. Naturally, she blatantly told Neon that she would never find someone to hold and cuddle if she immediately got sexually involved. The matchmaker followed up with a series of insightful questions that truly impressed Neon, and she felt like they brought out the best in her. 

Things took off after the Meet Your Matches ceremony when Jason and Neon met each other in a bar and got along really well! They canceled their dates with the person they were matched with and instead went out with each other intending to get to know each other better. Jason even admitted that it was strange for the two to bond and talk so much when he said: “I can’t imagine like you and I walking to a room. It’s like an odd couple.” 

Seems like opposites do attract, because their interaction created some of the most heartfelt moments on the show. However, the highlight for most viewers was the time when they both took a ride in a helicopter, which resembled the flying scene from ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey.’ So, is the duo still high on love, or has it all crashed and burned for the better? 

Jason and Neon Have Parted Ways

No, Jason Ziegler and Neon Hitch are no longer together. They never made any public comments about how their relationship ended and when exactly it all fell apart, but they eventually stopped giving updates to their fans about their bond. As per reports, the last time the singer and investment banker were spotted following the conclusion of the filming of the reality show was in the second week of August 2016. The duo seemed to be having a great time soaking up the sun and cozying up to each other at one of the beaches in the coastal city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles County, California. 

Since then, Jason and Neon have not posted with each other for years, so it is safe to infer that it was a rather short-lived romance. As the two would often mention how different their personalities were from each other, we can only assume that their contrasting lives may be the reason behind it all. Post the show, the wealthy New York businessman appeared on season 2 of another reality show, titled, ‘Below Deck Mediterranean,’ as a charter guest. During his time as a guest, Jason got a little too comfortable with Chief Stewardess, Hannah Ferrier, as they engaged in a heavy dose of flirting.

Not just that, in an interview with Bravo TV, Hannah revealed that they also kissed once. “Jason and I had a lot of chemistry as soon as he came on board, but it really went against my rules to hook up with a charter guest! But after the few weeks, I’d had dealing with the new crew, it was nice to get some positive attention,” she said. “Despite the obvious chemistry and flirting, once he actually kissed me, I had a realization that this needed to wait until after he had left the boat. So in short – a very quick kiss!”


Some of their text exchanges also stirred a bit of drama when they fell into the hands of the crew members. However, Hannah confirmed that she and Jason did keep in contact with each other after the filming of the season. Despite all that, the speculations faded over time and it seems like it was nothing more than a casual thing. As of present, the millionaire likely wants to keep himself away from any unwanted attention by keeping his dating life and relationships private. He is currently serving as the Managing Director of CIFC Asset Management. 

Meanwhile, Neon Hitch has recently launched her EP, ‘Light Touch,’ and seems laser-focused on her singing career. The millions of streams she received on Spotify are the testimony of her success as a singer and songwriter. She is an authentic artist, ever-evolving with her art and aspiring to do better every single time. There were rumors of her and record producer Benny Blanco dating, but nothing was substantiated, and it appears to be that the two are just great friends. 

Since the abrupt split, which was never discussed in public, Neon and Jason never mentioned each other. Although, it looks like things ended on a good term because, after all these years, the two still follow each other on Instagram. Neon also tweeted a screenshot of a website that posted about their split, and her response was quite positive, as the artist mentioned it made her “giggle.” Fans would be delighted to know that Neon is now a mother of an adorable daughter, Freedom Hitch, who was born during the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2021.

There seem to be no signs of them reuniting and rekindling their past romance. After an interesting journey during the course of the show, which almost played out like a movie, it’s disappointing for the fans to have no closure about the situation. From what we can tell, Jason and Neon have moved on and left their past behind, and the best fans can do for them is send best wishes and support them in their respective future endeavors. 

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