Chloe and Jade: Are the Owning Manhattan Agents Still Friends?

Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’ offers a nuanced look into New York’s real estate industry. Set against luxurious locales and glamorous listings, it also provides a glimpse into the lives of the agents associated with SERHANT. Chloe Caine and Jade Shenker were introduced as two agents who worked side by side and were best friends. However, due to some arguments and miscommunication, their relationship deteriorated mid-series. While they patched things up on screen, it remains to be seen if the same has happened in real life.

Chloe and Jade Blamed Each Other For Being Inconsiderate

Chloe Tucker Caine and Jade Shenker were best friends, sharing a close bond that extended beyond work. Their husbands were also close, and the two couples often spent time together outside of work, going on trips and being an integral part of each other’s lives. However, troubles began when Jade hosted a gala for a commercial building she was listing, and Chloe argued with another colleague at the event. Jade felt that Chloe was disrespectful by causing a scene at her carefully organized event and should have chosen a more appropriate time to address her issues. The situation worsened when Jade informed Chloe that her husband was cheating on her.

Jade felt that Chloe didn’t provide enough empathy and instead made the situation about herself rather than being a supportive friend. From then on, the two avoided each other and did not attempt to mend things. When Jade approached a younger agent, Savannah, and warned her to be cautious of Chloe, it was pretty hurtful to the latter. Chloe confronted Jade for ruining her professional reputation. They tried to talk things out and even hugged, which made it seem like things might return to normal and that this fight would be a rough patch in their otherwise strong friendship. However, whether they genuinely reconciled off-screen remains uncertain.

There Are Some Glitches in Chloe and Jade’s Friendship

There appears to be tension between the friends, and their relationship has not returned to its previous state. They have not spent as much time together, and Jade does not follow Chloe back on social media. While both are likely busy with significant life events, fans are left wondering whether their lack of interaction is due to a lack of time or a deliberate choice to avoid each other. They have had limited interactions and have not publicly addressed their conflict, leaving speculation about whether they will do so in the future. It will be nice for the fans of the show to see them together again, jovial and full of love like they always have been.

Chloe is Looking After Her Newborn Daughter

Chloe’s Broadway background paved the way for her to realize her dreams of stardom when she transitioned into the real estate industry in 2019. After working with several firms, her move to SERHANT in 2021 propelled her into the realm of luxury real estate in NYC. Known for her adept use of social media, Chloe has skillfully built a personal brand that enhances her business ventures. She creates engaging content beyond real estate, including reels and more, which has garnered her approximately 85,000 followers on Instagram alone. Chloe is also actively involved in TikTok.

Chloe has embarked on a new chapter of her life since March 8, 2024, when she welcomed her daughter, Charley Caine, into the world. She and Leon Caine have been married since September 2021, he and has steadfastly supported her throughout this journey. But, it is Chloe who has gracefully balanced new motherhood with her ongoing professional successes. She shares insights and tips and dispels myths about pregnancy, delivery, and newborn care on her social media platforms and her dog, Sadie, adds to the cuteness of her posts. Chloe’s knack for presenting information in her unique style has resonated with her audience, making this phase of her life exciting and inspiring.

Jade is Adjusting to a New Kind of Life

Jade has recently initiated divorce proceedings with her husband, Matt Denham, and has been residing in a new apartment on the Upper West Side since February 2024. Despite the emotional challenges, she has been resilient, adjusting to her new life daily. Immersing herself in work, Jade has found solace in launching her initiative within SERHANT called SERHANT Commercials, which has kept her occupied as its launch approaches. She has also been featured on podcasts like ‘Crexi,’ sharing her journey in her professional realm and discussing personal experiences that have shaped her path to success.

Jade has embraced a busy schedule, filling her days with various activities. She has returned to tennis, a sport she enjoyed as a child, and is finding renewed joy. Additionally, dancing has become a way for her to relieve stress and reconnect with herself. She regularly attends Dan Lai’s dance studio, dedicating herself to enthusiastically perfecting her moves. Seeing Jade rediscover herself and thrive in New York is truly uplifting.

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