Dom and Harry: Are the Perfect Match Cast Members Still Friends?

Although the core concept of ‘Perfect Match’ is for the singles of the Netflix reality-television universe to come together, mingle, and maybe walk with their forever life partner, there are some key friendships that are also formed along the way. The prime example of this is the bond between Tolú Ekundare (‘The Trust’) and Elys Hutchinson (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 5) in season 2, though if we’re being honest, it was the already established close friendship between Dom Gabriel (‘The Mole’) and Harry Jowsey (‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 1) that caught our eye the most.

Dom and Harry Became Friends Despite Sharing Exes

The moment perpetual flirt Harry came across our screens this time around, he actually made it clear that he hadn’t seriously seen the first season of this reality dating competition series because it featured 3 women he’d had involvements with Francesca Farago, Chloe Veitch, and Georgia Hassarati. The truth is he actually got with the latter after this fellow Australian native had won season 1 with Dom Gabriel as her partner – she’d cheated on the latter with him following her appearance as a guest on his ‘Boyfriend Material’ podcast. According to ‘The Mole’ star, they hadn’t even had the chance to redeem their prize of a romantic getaway when this happened and they parted ways.

It’s thus extremely surprising for anyone to learn that Dom and Harry are actually great friends, only for the latter to have since clarified the same by revealing that when the former had a chance to talk to him, he approached him and discussed the matter politely without any issues. The fact they share Francesca Farago as an ex is also a common point between them – Dom had dated Francesca in the ‘Perfect Match’ house before she’d changed her mind to go out with someone else and Georgia had come along. In the end, though, no connection panned out in the way they’d expected, leaving Georgia, Dom, and Harry all single and ready to mingle – on the other hand, Francesca is currently engaged and expected twins with TikTok star Jesse Sullivan.

Harry is actually the one who brought Dom into the villa after he won the first challenge in season two, stating: “[once we’d talked] I realized that, damn, I really like this guy. So, I wanna watch him fall in love and find someone who doesn’t cheat on him… with me.” So, their friendship continued as they remained in the house trying to find their forever partners, just for things to grow a little tense when the latter made an off-hand remark suggesting Harry didn’t have the right intentions. It’s no secret Harry has a rather messy past, yet he came on this show determined to date only to marry because he genuinely wants a family. So this statement of Dom’s, right in front of his partner Jessica Vesta (‘Love is Blind‘ season 6) genuinely hurt him.

Dom and Harry Are Still Great Friends

Harry actually ended up breaking down in tears once Jess questioned him since the only people he wanted to know the real him didn’t believe him either, just to calm down once she apologized for getting influenced. As for his and Dom’s bromance, well, standing on that remained up in the air as the latter was eliminated the same evening as no one else chose him for a match. Though he later did return and it was evident nothing between this duo had changed – they were still best friends, each other’s biggest supporters, and close confidants. Moreover, from what we can tell from this duo’s respective social media platforms as of writing, they have since managed to talk things out at an even deeper level and are still genuinely, unwaveringly dear to one another.

Their connection isn’t outrightly evident online, yet the fact they mutually follow one another while also showing signs of support by subtly interacting with posts indicating new endeavors makes it clear they’re as good as ever. Since we’ve mentioned the “new endeavors” of Harry and the Toronto, Ontario resident above, it’s imperative to note they’re both completely and utterly thriving in their respective fields at the moment.

Dom is a social media personality, a part of a band by the name of DØNTCALL, plus the man behind the upcoming brand ROXAS, all the while being an advocate for men’s mental health as well as global socio-economic peace. On the other hand, following his recent stint on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ season 32, Harry has returned to the online community, continued expanding his luxury scents brand The Rituals, dabbled in modeling, and even launched a new podcast called ‘Boyfriend Material.’

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