The Trust Season 1: Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ is a game that takes the concept of loyalty and temptation to the next level, given the challenges that the cast members have to face during their time on the show. Season 1 of the series saw the contestants engaging in various styles of gameplay to try and go home with a share of money from the trust, all the while keeping an eye out on just who might betray them. Given just how many fans the reality TV stars have been able to accumulate, it is hardly a wonder that the world is eager to know about their current whereabouts.

Brian Firebaugh is a Rancher

One of the five finalists of the Netflix show, Brian Firebaugh, now lives in Hubbard, Texas. The owner of 4F Ranch Holding also serves as the Founder/Manager of Texas Trail Boss, a cattle ranch subsidiary of 4F. His marriage to his wife, April, remains as strong as ever, and the couple is seemingly proud parents of a son whom they adore. Brian is also part of the Texas Farmers Veteran Coalition board and has an impressive following on the internet under the alias of Cattle Guy. Apart from featuring on programs like ‘Pepper Stewert Farm and Ranch’ and ‘Victory Garden,’ he also uses his platform to spread awareness about how to take care of the Longhorn beef cattle breed.

Gaspare Randazzo Has a Podcast

Another one of the five finalists of season 1, Gaspare Randazzo lives in New York City and has become a fan favorite. For over thirteen years, he has been working as a teacher and is not shy about talking about the ins and outs of his job with the world. His preferred way to do so is through his stand-up comedy routines, which often feature hilarious moments from his classroom, apart from little slices of his personal life. Additionally, Gaspare and Joe Dombrowski have a podcast named ‘The Social Studies Podcast.’

Jake Chocholous is an Internet Celebrity

Jacob “Jake” Chocholous was already quite famous before he made his reality TV debut. The army veteran has been sharing his thoughts and ideas with the world for a long time and is a huge mental health advocate. He also has a podcast called ‘The Man Up,’ with daily episodes about various interesting topics and Jake’s opinions on them. Though he has been open about his leaning towards the conservative side of the political spectrum, Jake seems open to listening to new ideas.

Julie Theis is a Psychologist

Having impressed the world with her gameplay, Julie Theis has become famous across the world. The reality TV star lives in Austin, Texas, and is a proud Montana State University-Bozeman graduate, having earned her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the institute. As of writing, she is the Marketing Director of Liquid Mercury, a position she acquired in January 2023. Through her social media channels, she also offers her services as a psychologist, which many have availed. She is also a Cognitive Couture expert with over 500K followers on TikTok.

Tolú Ekundare Lives in Texas

Let’s now talk about Tolú Ekundare, a Texas resident who turned 27 in late December 2023. The reality TV star believes strongly in her faith and always takes solace in the same when trying to navigate through hard times. Though she works as a Marketing Manager, Tolú is also a model who has been associated with companies like Yitty. Proud of her Nigerian roots, she is always open to talk about the same and the journey that she has undertaken to be where she is today. Additionally, she has traveled to beautiful places across the world, including Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii, and Mexico.

Lindsey Anderson is a Happy Mother of Three

Lindsey Anderson was the last person to be eliminated from the trust in season 1 of the Netflix series and now lives in Portland, Oregon. Since 2004, she has owned the company known as Web Impakt and is also the mind behind One-Click Lindsey. Some of her prized positions of responsibility include being the President of Smart Speaker Hub and serving ads the Owner/Digital Marketing Speaker of Traffic and Leads.

Additionally, Lindsey is the President of The Build and Monetize Agency as well as the Lindsey Anderson Coaching. Her online business classes have helped her earn much positive praise as a business coach. She is also the host of ‘The Millionaire Maker Show,’ a podcast dedicated to business and financial talks. The reality TV star also organizes workshops and speaks at various events. On a more personal note, she is happily married and has three children whom she adores from the depth of her heart.

Winnie Ilesso is a Content Creator

Up next, we have Winnie Ilesso, who may not have been one of the last finalists standing but did take home the impressive sum of $20,000. Living in Houston, Texas, she is looking forward to her 32nd birthday in February 2024. Apart from being a terrific Image Consultant Stylist, she also makes content on the internet focused on fashion and lifestyle. The reality TV star is also a part of the hospitality industry as a bartender and never misses a chance to spend time with her loved ones. Proud of her Nigerian heritage, Winnie is quite close to her family.

Jay Patterson is a Stand-up Comedian

Given just how her sense of humor captivated us all, Jay Patterson‘s work as a stand-up comedian hardly comes as a surprise. Though she is not a part of the workforce presently, given her retirement, she has hardly let her creative side rest. Living in Topeka, Kansas, Jay often takes part in arts and crafts-based projects and is also known for volunteering for causes she believes in. She also seems to enjoy her downtime in the company of her beloved cat, Sugar.

Bryce Lee is in a Happy Relationship

Despite the controversial reasons behind his exit from the show, Bryce Lee has undoubtedly gained his own share of fan following. He is still working hard in the real estate world and is presently the Director of Marketing for John L Scott Real Estate. He also works as a Real Estate Broker for the company, often alongside his mother, Kimber Lee. Additionally, Bryce is the Co-Founder of Olive Branch: The Home Staging and Design Company. He is also quite happily in a relationship with Kayla Bent, whom he has known since high school. Based in Bonney Lake, Washington, Bryce even took a trip to France in August 2023 alongside Kayla.

Simone Stewart Has Two Kids

Having come to the Netflix show as a single mother of two, Simone Stewart now prefers to lead a more private life compared to her fellow cast members. That said, she has been open about how her husband had left her and her children behind due to infidelity, an experience that left a huge impact on the parties involved. Simone is also proud of being a Latin dancer and is a fan of sports and arts. Though she prefers to stay away from the limelight, it has not stopped the reality TV star from amassing fans.

Juelz Morgan is a New Jersey Resident

Though he was the first one to be eliminated from the Netflix series, Juelz Morgan has still gained much love from the viewers. Proud of his heritage and all that comes with it, the reality TV star works as a police officer. He is also quite fond of traveling, as evidenced by his visits to Hawaii, Louisiana, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. Based in New Jersey, the reality TV star is quite fond of his Aunt Janice and told her about his Netflix appearance on her 76th birthday.

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