Tolú Ekundare: The Trust Cast Member Now Lives in Texas

A show like Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ is as entertaining as it is in large part due to its highly entertaining set of cast members. This includes Tolú Ekundare from season 1, who came into the show with immense pride in her roots and a determination to leave an impact on everyone. Needless to say, her gameplay was appreciated by many, especially those who enjoyed the friendships she had formed in the house. Now, the world wants to show what she has been up to these days.

Tolú Ekundare’s The Trust Journey

When Tolú Ekundare entered the show, she proudly talked about being proud of her status as a first-generation Nigerian immigrant. In the show, she opened up about how she loved the culture that shaped her, often showcasing the same by donning traditional prints with a modern flair. Not long after her time started on the show, she became very good friends with Winnie Ilesso, the two bonding over their shared love for Nigerian culture. She also became good friends with Julie Theis.

Tolú’s first upset in the house came when Juelz Morgan and Simone Stewart walked out of the vault to announce that they had decided to accept the option that allowed them to add $5,000 to the trust but needed them to block two people from voting in the first trust ceremony. Learning from Juelz that she was one of the two who could not vote upset Tolú, something she talked about with her friends, who voted to evict Juelz on her behalf.

Though happy with the connections she had formed in the house, Tolú did become upset with Jacob “Jake” Chocholous after he decided to send Bryce Lee to the vault but not her, even though he had stated that his reason to do so was because his voting power had been blocked. Tolú was also upset that Jake often referred to her using the term “African,” claiming that she has never called herself that and wants to be known for her Nigerian roots.

On Julie’s insistence, Tolú did have a conversation with Jake and was able to clear things up. However, she also became wary of Julie’s attachment to him, given how the latter had chosen to vote out Simone just in order to save Jake. Tolú and Winnie discussed how Julie might get mislaid and hurt their own chances. Additionally, Tolú was also not completely comfortable about the revelation that Bryce was a millionaire, claiming that she did not understand why he was still in the competition at that point.

As such, Tolú chose to vote to eliminate Bryce during the next trust ceremony. However, things got complicated when the cast members were given the chance to vote for who they thought was lying the most anonymously, and Winnie got the most votes. Offended by the insinuations about her friend, she chose to confront the remaining three men in the house about the same, but a later conversation allowed her and Winnie to deduce that it was Lindsey Anderson who likely voted for Winnie.

Following Jay Patterson‘s exit from the show, Tolú was afraid about whether or not Winnie would remain in the show for long. Indeed, Winnie soon got eliminated, leaving Tolú heartbroken but ready to take down those whom she did not trust, starting with Lindsey. She was certainly happy when Lindsey’s voting history revealed that the latter had been untruthful to her allies. During the sixth trust ceremony, she presented a strong case against Lindsey and even voted for her, leading to her elimination.

Just before the final trust ceremony, each one of the final five was brought to the vault one by one and given an offer. Everyone was given a chance to bid an amount up to $25,000, and the person with the highest amount would get to keep that much money. Among them all, only Tolú chose to bid and hence got to take $25,000. When the trust ceremony came around, everyone was shocked that someone had chosen to take the money, but Tolú did not confess and instead stuck to her decision. However, her vote to share the money with everyone aligned with the rest of the votes, allowing her an additional sum of $48,6000.

Where is Tolú Ekundare Now?

Having turned 27 in late December 2023, Tolú Ekundare is celebrating life to the fullest. Based in Texas, the reality TV star works as a Marketing Manager and is quite proud of all that she has accomplished in her career. She has a strong connection to God and does seem to cherish her connection to the divine, often looking to the same when faced with tough times. She is also quite close to her family and friends, having welcomed the new year alongside her loved ones.

Additionally, Tolú is known for her modeling work, having partnered with brands like Yitty for the same. Through her work, the Nigerian woman enjoys showcasing her natural beauty as well as her artistic talent while also taking pride in her sense of fashion. Tolú is also quite a travel enthusiast, having been to many beautiful places across the world over the years. Some of her former travel destinations include Singapore, Thailand, Hawaii, and Mexico.

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