Bryce Lee: The Trust Contestant is Now in a Happy Relationship

In Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ the contestants have to do what they can to ensure that they are not booted out from possibly winning the impressive trust money that is to be divided among the last players standing. Season 1 saw every player embark on a unique journey of their own, including Bryce Lee, who became beloved by many but had overcome a hurdle that few saw coming. Given his strong presence in the show, it is hardly a wonder that the world wants to know about the latest updates in their lives.

Bryce Lee’s The Trust Journey

The youngest among the starting 11 of the Netflix show, Bryce Lee quickly integrated himself within the house by forming as many connections as possible. However, he also became afraid about his position in the house when the contestants got to know that one of them was actually a millionaire. As it turns out, it was Bryce who had been able to amass such impressive wealth thanks to his job as a realtor, but he was afraid that revealing this might make others want to eliminate him. Hence, he decided to keep it a secret for a while.

Within his first few days in the house, Bryce had to make multiple tough calls. He was part of the second duo to go to the vault alongside Gaspare Randazzo, where the two had to choose one of the two offers. Either they could keep $5,000 each and vote out the same person in the next ceremony or lose $10,000 from the trust but save someone during the next ceremony. Bryce was chosen to go to the vault by Jacob “Jake” Chocholous, who claimed to have done so since Bryce’s power to vote had been taken away during the first trust ceremony.

Bryce and Gaspare ended up choosing Julie Theis to save during the second trust ceremony by losing a collective $10,000. Not much later, Bryce once again had to go to the vault, something he did not enjoy. He and Jake could either choose to keep $10,000 each should someone go home during the next ceremony or select the option where an additional $2,000 would be added to the trust for every person who chose not to vote during the next ceremony.

After returning from the vault, Bryce and Jake informed everyone that they went with the second option, and no one in the team ended up voting for anyone, adding an additional $18,000 to the trust. Bolstered by the trust showcased by the contestants, Bryce decided to reveal to everyone that it was indeed him who was the hidden millionaire among them. This seemed to upset many, like Julie and Tolú Ekundare, who felt that Bryce coming from a wealthy family and having money of his own was not fair to those who apparently needed the money from the trust more.

Slowly, Bryce realized that his confession in the house likely upset many of the contestants who now wanted him out. In a conversation with Lindsey Anderson, he confessed that the money he earned mostly went towards supporting five other people, and she claimed that he should have explained that better when he revealed his status as a millionaire. Ultimately, during the fourth trust ceremony, Bryce was chosen to be eliminated.

Where is Bryce Lee Now?

We are happy to share that Bryce Lee is continuing to work amazingly well in the real estate industry. He continues to work alongside his mother, Kimber Lee, as the Director of Marketing for John L Scott Real Estate while also essaying the role of a Real Estate Broker. He is also the Co-Founder of Olive Branch: The Home Staging and Design Company. Based in Bonney Lake, Washington, Bryce has been juggling all of his roles proficiently and has been making a significant amount of money.

On a more personal note, Bryce is in a very happy relationship with Kayla Bent. The two often share pictures with each other on social media and always seem to enjoy each other’s company. The two have been together since high school and visited France in August 2023. Bryce also cherishes working with his mother and shares a close bond with his sister, whom he adores. The reality TV star has also been enjoying fame from his recent television appearance.

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