Jake Chocholous: The Trust Contestant is Now a Podcast Host

If there is one thing you can guarantee about Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ it’s the fact that every single moment has far-reaching consequences. As such, maintaining a balance between being assertive without ruffling feathers is a lesson that Jacob “Jake” Chocholous learned the hard way in season 1. Nevertheless, he persevered and remained one of the strongest players in the game throughout the initial days of the show, making the viewers curious about the latest updates in his life.

Jake Chocholous’ The Trust Journey

When Jake Chocholous entered the Netflix series, he ended up forming a strong bond with Brian Firebaugh due to their status as members of the armed forces. Proud of all he had accomplished in life, Jake was ready to showcase his skills in the reality show as needed. He also ended up getting close to Julie Theis, who also seemed interested in his advances. However, Jake’s smooth run in the house did not last for long, following his actions during the ranking task.


Jake was adamant that he was smarter than Julie when the time came for the housemates to rank themselves by their perceived level of intelligence. He also asserted that he had the best leadership skills in the house. As such, host Brooke Baldwin decided to ask him to rank everyone for the upcoming categories. His rankings for the same upset many, especially Julie and Jay Patterson. Jake was then asked to pick two people to send to the vault, for which he chose Gaspare Randazzo and Bryce Lee.

Another person who was upset with Jake was Tolú Ekundare, who claimed that she disliked him calling her “African,” even when trying to be complimentary. Knowing this, Julie, who had by then resolved her issues with Jake, requested that Tolú try to address this issue with Jake, which she agreed to. The ensuing conversation served as an eye-opener for Jake, but he agreed to respect his co-star’s boundaries, which helped the two move forward.

However, Jay remained miffed with Jake, which resulted in Julie trying to save him by trying to vote out Simone Stewart so as to create a tie. However, this ultimately resulted in Simone’s elimination. Initially furious about Simone’s unexplainable eviction, Jake later learned the reason and seemed thankful about why Julie had tried to do what she did. For the third vault offer, Jake and Bryce were given two offers. They could either keep $10,000 each in case someone was eliminated during the next trust ceremony or have $2,000 added to the collective trust for each person who did not vote anyone out.

Jake and Bryce went with the second offer, which certainly motivated the cast members. In fact, every single one of the nine remaining contestants chose not to vote for anyone, resulting in an addition of $18,000 to the trust. Not long after, Jake’s relationship with Julie became tense when he decided to choose Brian as the person he was closest to. Julie was upset that he had not chosen her, something that Jake realized much later.

Jake and Julie continued to have some ups and downs but also got closer to each other. He also continued to work hard on his alliances, including the one with Lindsey Anderson. However, this alliance upset several other members of the house, particularly Tolú and Winnie Ilesso, who realized that Lindsey was not being truthful. Even though Jake had declared Lindsey to be the person he was closest to in the house, doubts started to creep into his mind after her voting history was revealed.

Just prior to the final trust ceremony, Julie ended up confessing to everyone that she had taken the offer of $15,000. What rubbed Jake the wrong way was the fact that she had chosen not to reveal this earlier. However, the two were able to move past this particular hurdle as well and ended up having their first kiss, much to the joy of their supporters. During the final trust ceremony, Jake was upset that someone had chosen to take $25,000 from the trust, but thanks to the similar votes cast by the final five, he was among the people who ended up sharing the money from the trust.

Where is Jake Chocholous Now?

A Blackhawk pilot and Army veteran, Jake Chocholous is immensely proud of all he has been able to achieve through his career as a military man. A man of his principles, Jake has always been open to sharing his thoughts and ideas openly with the world. He is now a content creator who often talks about social and political issues through platforms like Instagram and TikTok. As of writing, he has over 46K followers on Instagram, while his TikTok boasts a following of well over 115K.

Additionally, Jake has a podcast called ‘The Man Up.’ The daily episodes of the same revolve around topics that the reality TV star either finds fascinating or is quite passionate about. Though most of Jake’s content seems inclined to the conservative side, he has also been open about welcoming views from the other side. Additionally, he is a huge mental health advocate and remains a firm supporter of the armed forces and their veterans.

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