Winnie Ilesso: The Trust Contestant is an Image Consultant Stylist

In a game like Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ the contestants can rely on very few things apart from their instincts. As such, each and every contestant gives it their all to make sure that they do not lose their chance at taking home a frankly impressive amount of money. Among the season 1 contestants, Winnie Ilesso certainly created a strong impression thanks to her ability to form strong alliances without stepping on anyone’s toes. Now, the world cannot help but wonder just where she is these days.

Winnie Ilesso’s The Trust Journey

It did not take Winnie Ilesso a long time before finding a soul sister in the Netflix show after she met Tolú Ekundare. The two women instantly bonded over their strong personalities, shared love for their Nigerian heritage, and a desire to play the game in the right way. Not long after, the two also bonded with Julie Theis, and the three started to share a room. Following the very first vault offer, after Tolú’s ability to vote for the first trust ceremony was revoked, Winnie chose to take a stand for her friend by voting to eliminate Juelz Morgan, which led to the latter’s elimination.

Confident as ever in the bond that she had created with her fellow women, Winnie agreed with Julie’s frustrations over Jacob “Jake” Chocholous‘ decisions when it came to ranking himself and others in the house. However, she was seemingly not as upset as some of the others. Winnie was also the first one whom Jay Patterson told about voting for Simone Stewart. Winnie stated that she did not think that Jay was the only one who voted for Simone, and she was very interested in knowing the identity of the second person.

When Tolú told Winnie and Jay that Julie had also voted for Simone in hopes of saving Jake from elimination, Winnie grew wary of what Julie might do next to save the man she had grown interested in. Over the next few days, she and Tolú kept an eye on Julie and felt that she might choose Jake over them. Hence, the two hatched a plan in order to have Jake eliminated soon, with them eager to see what Julie might be like when not seemingly wholly focused on her budding connection with him.

Things got complicated for Winnie, though, when a game revealed that she was the one who was considered to be the most deceptive in the house. Though disappointed by this, the development did allow Winnie a chance to enter the vault secretly, where she was offered $20,000 if someone got eliminated during the next trust ceremony. Not much later, she and Tolú realized that Lindsey Anderson was among those who had voted for her as being someone who lied.

While Jay Patterson’s exit made Winnie and Tolú feel like their alliance was weakening, especially with so many eyes pointed toward Winnie. Though she remained determined to stand her ground, many of the other cast members were leaning towards voting to eliminate Winnie. Indeed, the reality TV star ended up getting eliminated, but she walked out proud, with $20,000 in her pockets thanks to the vault offer that she had accepted as the conditions had been met due to her own elimination.

Where is Winnie Ilesso Today?

As of writing, Winnie Ilesso seems to be doing quite well in life. The reality TV star will turn 32 in February 2024 and seems to be quite happy with all that she has achieved in the year. A proud Image Consultant Stylist, she often makes content on the internet that is focused on fashion and styling. Her Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos highlight her sense of dressing as well as her ability to connect with her audience through her work, given how much love the viewers shower on her all the time.

Now living in Houston, Texas, Winnie has always been proud of her Nigerian heritage and always encourages others to embrace their true selves. She also seemingly works in the hospitality industry as a bartender and takes pride in knowing the ins and outs of the industry. When not working hard, Winnie enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She also remains thankful to her fans, who have been constantly supporting her.

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