Jay Patterson: The Trust Player is Now Retired

In Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,‘ viewers are treated to a one-of-a-kind challenge where competition may seem pointless but also highly important when it involves the tempting sum of $250,000. With the presence of cast members like Jay Patterson in season 1, few were surprised by just how entertaining the life of the contestants was while they tried to play the game of trust and greed. Jay herself earned many admirers thanks to her vibrant personality, with people wondering just where she is these days.

Jay Patterson’s The Trust Journey

Jay Patterson was the oldest among the 11 cast members of season 1 of the Netflix show. However, when it came to wit and energy, she could easily beat all of her co-stars. From the very first moment that she appeared on the screen, her smiles and words endeared her not only to other contestants but also to the viewers as home. That said, she never allowed anyone to cross her and always stood by the principles she believed in.

In fact, Jay’s beef with Jacob “Jake” Chocholous was one can hardly forget. The latter had initially declared himself to be the best leader in the house, which allowed him the chance to rank his fellow cast members in various categories. Notably, Jay’s rankings often put the male house members at the top, something that irked many women. However, no one was as vocal about her displeasure as Jay, who openly labeled Jake’s actions as “misogynistic.”

Even when Julie Theis tried to soothe the tension directed towards Jake, Jay remained firm in her stance, making many of the house members believe that she would vote to evict him in the following trust ceremony. However, it was Simone Stewart whom Jay seemed to trust the least when the second trust ceremony came around and hence voted for her. What she did not know was that Julie had also voted for Simone in order to balance Jay’s apparent vote for Jake, which resulted in Simone’s eviction. This is something that Jay also realized later on, and it made her wonder about Julie’s motivations when it came to the show.

Following Bryce Lee‘s elimination, the tensions in the house were quite high. Things only got more complicated when Winnie Ilesso was chosen to be the person who most believed to be deceptive. This was followed by a game of modified poker in which several positive questions were asked to the cast members to see how much they had grown to matter to each other. Jay was disappointed to see that she only got three chips, the lowest among all. As such, when she was taken to the vault and given the chance to exit the show by accepting $25,000, the reality TV star accepted the offer.

Where is Jay Patterson Now?

Based in Topeka, Kansas, Jay Patterson is now happily retired and enjoying life. In fact, leaving the workforce seems to have given the reality TV star the time to pursue her creative passions, as evident by her recent television debut. Additionally, Jay is a stand-up comedian who often performs at various open mics and is known for witty jokes and relatable punchlines. Many of her comedy fans certainly could see her humorous side shining through during her time in the Netflix show.

Moreover, Jay enjoys the company of her cat Sugar, who often appears on her social media and is cooed over by the Kansas native. Jay has also started to explore the arts and crafts side of life and often partakes in glittery and visually appealing projects that can easily win anyone over. Her passion for life is evident in her various works, and there is rarely a dull day in the lives of those who are often in the company of this reality TV star.

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