Simone Stewart: The Trust Cast Member is Now a Dancer

Staying as a player in Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed’ may be the end goal, but not everyone is able to do so easily, given just how easily one can get eliminated. This certainly holds true for season 1’s Simone Stewart, whose elimination was something that many of the viewers and the contestants did not see coming for a long while. Despite her short stay in the show, Simone did leave an impact on viewers, making many curious about her current whereabouts.

Simone Stewart’s The Trust Journey

For Simone Stewart, the Netflix show seemed like an opportunity that she needed to hopefully overcome many of her real-life hurdles. Given the cutthroat nature of the game, she knew she needed to maintain everyone’s trust in her whole, and she also tried to figure out just whom she could rely on. Not long after she entered the show, Simone was actually presented with a chance to go to the vault and pick one of the two tempting offers.

Along with Juelz Morgan, Simone could either keep $2,500 should someone get eliminated or add $5,000 to the collective trust but block two players from voting. Both of them agreed to go with the second option that seemed to benefit everyone. In order to select just who to stop, they decided to go with the top 2 names on the list of cast members in the vault: Bryce Lee and Tolú Ekundare. While Bryce did not seem to hold this against them, Tolú did become upset with Juelz.

Just prior to the second value trip, the contestants were asked to play a ranking game, at the end of which Jacob “Jake” Chocholous ended up upsetting almost every woman in the house, especially Jay Patterson. This was something that was later discussed, but when Jay tried to claim that her frustrations were shared by all women, Simone vocally disagreed, stating that she had no issues with Jake and had already discussed the same with him beforehand.

However, Jay remained on an apparent warpath against Jake, with scared Julie Theis, who was growing close to the former military man. As such, Julie decided to vote for Simone during the second trust ceremony in hopes that her vote would tie Jay’s decision to evict Jake. However, Jay had also voted against Simone, leading to the latter’s elimination. Almost every other member in the house was unsure just why Simone was the one to be eliminated.

Where is Simone Stewart Now?

During her time on the show, Simone Stewart had revealed that she was not employed at the time. A single mother to two children, she seems to adore her role as a parent, having even stated after her elimination how she was looking forward to reuniting with her kids. In the show, Simone also opened up about how her husband had left her for someone else, and that is a hurt that she continues to carry to this day. Nevertheless, she keeps moving forward and is trying to build her life anew.

For the most part, Simone prefers to keep the details of her personal life private, including her social media. A Latin Dancer, the reality TV star is also quite passionate about sports and arts. She believes in doing good things in the world, and while her time on the Netflix show was short, she certainly impressed many with her gameplay.

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