Julie Theis: The Trust Player is a Texas Resident Today

Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ is a show based on the principles of trust, greed, and loyalty. For every contestant, the three qualities become essential when it comes to making their decisions as well as evaluating what others might do. However, that does not stop them from forming some deep emotional connections with others, as seen by season 1’s Julie Theis. A dominant player throughout her on-screen journey, she certainly left an impact on every single viewer, making many of them wonder just where she is these days.

Julie Theis’ The Trust Journey

After Julie Theis entered the Netflix show, she immediately found herself gravitating toward two other women she thought could either be her best friends or worst enemies. Not long after, the trio of Julie, Winnie Ilesso, and Tolú Ekundare become good friends and even start to share a room. In fact, when Juelz Morgan announced that he and Simone Stewart had chosen Tolú as one of the two not to have any voting power during the next ceremony, both Julie and Winnie supported her by electing to vote out Juelz.

Meanwhile, Julie has started to get closer to Jacob “Jake” Chocholous, with both parties developing a very deep connection. However, during the rankings task, Julie was hurt that Jake thought himself to be smarter than her after he listed off his educational qualifications, and she vocally opposed his assumption of being the strongest leader in the group. However, following the task, Julie and Jake were able to make up, though not everyone forgave Jake, with Jay Patterson chief among them.

As tensions against Jake rose, Julie convinced Tolú to give him a chance, which she agreed to. However, Jay remained firm that she still held a grudge against him. This worried Julie immensely, even during the second trust ceremony, where she herself was safe thanks to Gaspare Randazzo and Bryce Lee. In an attempt to save Jake should Jay vote for him, Julie voted for Simone, whom she was apparently the least close to, in order to tie the votes. However, Jay has also voted for Simone, leading to the latter’s elimination.

The word of Julie’s vote soon reached Tolú, Winnie, and Jay, who became wary that she had been willing to eliminate someone to save Jay. Meanwhile, Julie started feeling bad about what her vote may have led to. Though Jake was initially upset about Simone’s unlikely elimination, Julie’s later confession to him made him happier about the situation. Julie herself had started to feel that she had made the right call.

However, when the time came for all the participants to choose one person they were closest to, Jake chose Brian Firebaugh, which Julie found highly upsetting. She was later chosen by Bryce but remained bitter with Jake. Not much later, she and Brian were chosen by Gaspare for an excursion, something she was highly thankful for. Towards the end of her outing the next day, host Brooke Baldwin gave her the option of blindly accepting an offer or rejecting it without knowing what was in it. Julie chose to take the offer, as opposed to Brian, who had been given a similar deal but had rejected the offer.

As part of the offer, Julie would get $15,000 from the trust if the person she voted for got eliminated in the next trust ceremony. Fortunately for Julie, things took a positive turn when she was approached by Tolú Ekundare about eliminating Bryce, a proposal she agreed to. Things between her and Jake remained tumultuous when he did not pick up her name for the questions asked in the modified poker game played by the contestants.

Julie was also afraid that Winnie might target her as the next person to be eliminated. Thanks to Jake, she was now allied with the male cast members in the house, as well as Lindsey Anderson, who all agreed to vote for Winnie. However, when the time came, she could not do so, stating that she had once promised Winnie that she would never vote for her. This fact was revealed to all thanks to a task where the contestants had the option of sharing their voting history. While Julie’s allies understood her reasoning, they admitted that they would have liked it had she been honest about it from the start.

Just before the final vault offer, Julie confessed to everyone that she had taken the $15,000 offer that Brian had refused, which further shook the trust that her friends had in her including Jake. However, the two were able to medn their differences and even shared a meaningful kiss. As such, when Julie was once again faced with a highly tempting offer during her last vault visit, she refused. As such, she was one of the final five who got to share the money in the trust, each earning an additional $48,600.

Where is Julie Theis Now?

Based in Austin, Texas, Julie Theis is thriving in her professional life. The reality TV star is a psychology expert, with a master’s and bachelor’s degree from Montana State University-Bozeman proving the same. Since January 2023, she has been the Marketing Director of Liquid Mercury, a company from Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, Julie offers her own services as a  psychologist to potential customers on the Internet under her own brand.

Those interested in availing of Julie’s services can pick one of her varied offers. Apart from psychology, she also offers Cognitive Couture as a service, which allows one to rent their wardrobe for 30 days. The Netflix star also makes content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, with over 500K followers on the former. Most of her content is based on psychology-related topics, with many hoping to better their lives by applying the advice given by the content creator.

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