Gaspare Randazzo: The Trust Contestant is Now a Podcast Host

In Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ the viewers are treated to a brand new format of show where trust is key when it comes to taking the available prize money home. Each and every action taken by a contestant can directly interfere with the presence of someone else, leading to some highly intriguing set of events. Among those whose presence certainly stood out to the public in season 1, Gaspare Randazzo has certainly amassed a fanbase of his own, with many wondering about his current whereabouts.

Gaspare Randazzo’s The Trust Journey

Entering the Netflix show at the age of 33, Gaspare Randazzo had his eyes and ears open at all times to assess any possible threats. While he did find a place for himself amongst the boys of the group, Gaspare also remained cautious about just how much he could trust anyone with a trust amount of $250,000 on the line. Though he did not want to ruffle any feathers, he was not naive to the fact that the game could change at any moment and every action had consequences.

During the ranking task assigned in the show after the very first trust ceremony, Gaspare was chosen by Jacob “Jake” Chocholous to go to the vault and choose one of the available offers. He was joined in the quest by Bryce Lee, who had also been chosen by Jake. The two were given a tempting offer. They could either keep $5,000 from the trust for themselves but vote for the same person in the next ceremony. Alternatively, they could lose $10,000 from the collective trust but save one person from elimination. The duo decided to go with the second option, picking Julie Theis to be saved.

Not long after the third trust ceremony, which also was the first one with no elimination, all the cast members were asked to choose one person they felt they were closest with. Given the odd number of players, Gaspare ended up being alone, something that initially scared him. However, he was actually asked to sit at the head of the dinner table and told to pick two people to send on a beautiful excursion. Gaspare chose Brian Firebaugh and Julie for the same.

Slowly but surely, Gaspare was able to integrate himself into an alliance, including the male cast members along with Lindsey Anderson and Julie. The group was the major contributor to Winnie Ilesso‘s elimination, but things changed for Gaspare during the game, which revealed everyone’s voting history. Though he remained wary of Tolú Ekundare, he could not help but be taken aback by the fact that Lindsey had voted for Bryce, as he had thought that they two were closed. As such, he chose to vote for her during the sixth trust ceremony, leading to her elimination. Ultimately, Gaspare was among the final five who got to share the money from the trust, earning him $48,600.

Where is Gaspare Randazzo Now?

Given his intriguing performance in the Netflix show, Gaspare Randazzo has become quite well-known across the world. The reality TV star is presently based in New York City and seems to enjoy the creative side of life. As of writing, he has been a teacher for thirteen years and seems to enjoy the ups and downs of the job. He also works as a stand-up comedian, with many of his stories being related to his role as an educator or his life in the Big Apple.

In fact, Gaspare also has a podcast called ‘The Social Studies Podcast,’ which he co-hosts with Joe Dombrowski. From anecdotes from their lives to tidbits about the world, the two enjoy talking and sharing their content with the world. Thanks to his entertaining work, Gaspare has over 104K followers on Instagram. He often shares entertaining short-form videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which have allowed him to reach a wider audience that takes delight in his jokes and his sense of humor.

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