Lindsey Anderson: The Trust Contestant is Now a Mother of Three

If there is one thing you can trust about Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed,’ it is to never trust anyone blindly. With each and every person eager to increase their share of money from the trust, knowing just what cards to put on the table can be a challenging task. Season 1’s Lindsey Anderson certainly tried her level best to make sure that any information about her that might hinder her progress should not become known to her fellow contestants. Thanks to her stellar performance, she has acquired many fans who are eager to know just what she has been up to these days.

Lindsey Anderson’s The Trust Journey

For Lindsey Anderson, navigating the game that she had found herself in was both an easy and hard task. While she was sure about her ability to form connections and judge people accurately, she was also wary about how her work and lifestyle might be perceived by others, given just how much someone’s wealth status seemed to matter to some. Hence, she decided to play a safe game where she tried to connect with others without giving away her secrets.

However, when she realized that everyone was noting how nobody knew much about her, she decided to open up during the secret-sharing task and talk about how she had left the Mormon faith behind at the age of 21 and had cheated on her then-husband. Not much later, during the very first trust ceremony, Lindsey did take the chance to vote out Juelz Morgan. She stated how she knew that the world doesn’t simply work on the principles of trust and teamwork.

While Lindsey kept a low profile for the most part in the first half of the show, she did get into a heated argument with Jacob “Jake” Chocholous about his decision to declare himself the leader and had then favored the men during the ranking process over the women. Lindsey grew close to her roommate, Jay Patterson, and was also able to create a good connection with Bryce Lee. Knowing that the best strategy might just be not to ruffle any feathers, Lindsey tried to maintain good connections without coming off as overly assertive.

During the fourth trust ceremony, she did end up voting for Bryce but kept her alliances strong. While she grew closer with the male contestants in the house, she tried to keep this development under wraps. However, things quickly changed after the time came for the participants to anonymously declare who they thought lied the most. Winnie Ilesso and Tolú Ekundare initially assumed that the remaining three men had all voted for Winnie. However, a careful investigation allowed them to know that Lindsey had voted for Winnie.

Lindsey further lost the trust of the two women when Jake and Gaspare Randazzo declared that she was the person that they trusted the most in the house. Meanwhile, Lindsey was furious that they had revealed the secret. Things only got more complicated after Winnie’s elimination when all the contestants had a chance to share who they had voted for in the past. Lindsey’s voting history made the men skeptical of how much they could trust her. This development contributed to her being the fifth person to be the sixth person to leave the show.

Where is Lindsey Anderson Now?

Presently, Lindsey lives in Portland, Oregon, and is thriving in both her personal and professional lives. The reality TV star is an Idaho State University alumna who has created a name for herself in the world of business. She has been the owner of Web Impakt since 2004 and also holds the same position for One-Click Lindsey. Additionally, Lindsey is the President of Smart Speaker Hub and is affiliated with Traffic and Leads as its owner and Digital Marketing Speaker.

Lindsey’s other roles include being the President of The Build and Monetize Agency and Lindsey Anderson Coaching. Working as a business coach, she offers online classes to many potential clients who seek to grow their skills in the business world. Moreover, she has her own podcast called ‘The Millionaire Maker Show’ and offers various workshops. The reality TV star can also be booked as a guest speaker by those who want to avail of her knowledge.

Additionally, Lindsey is known for creating content on social media, where she offers various tips and tricks to her followers when it comes to growing a business or venturing into a new industry. On a more personal note, Lindsey is very happily married and is a proud mother of three. While she prefers to mostly post her professional content on the internet, her love for her family is highly evident in the occasional but beautiful glimpses of her personal life.

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