Juelz Morgan: The Trust Cast Member is Now a New Jersey Native

Known for its highly entertaining inter-player dynamics, Netflix’s ‘The Trust: A Game of Greed‘ is a show you cannot miss out on. From impressive amounts of money to nail-biting loyalty tests, there is a lot that will leave you on the edge of your seat as the contestants try to win it all. In season 1, Juelz Morgan certainly faced the brunt of the same, given his early on-screen elimination that had him evicted from the chance of winning the trust money. Naturally, viewers are quite curious to know what he has been up to these days.

Juelz Morgan’s The Trust Journey

As soon as Juelz Morgan entered the Netflix show, many of the contestants could not help but take notice of him. However, in a game like this one, this can often lead to unfavorable results. The reality TV star tried to maintain good relations with everyone in the show, but the ability to do so was snatched from his hand not long after. For the first set of offers in the vault, it was Juelz and Simone Stewart who had to make a tough choice.

Juelz and Simone could either keep $2,500 each should someone get eliminated in the next trust ceremony, or they could add $5,000 to the collective trust but block two players from being able to vote. Knowing that the second offer would benefit the whole team, Juelz and Simone chose to add $5,000. In order to choose whom to block from voting, they simply decided to pick the two names at the top of the list in the vault, Tolú Ekundare and Bryce Lee.

While Bryce seemed to accept the explanation given by Juelz, Tolú was far from happy about being blocked. Her friends Julie Theis and Winnie Ilesso, as well as Lindsey Anderson, decided to vote for Juelz to be evicted. Even Tolú expressed how she wanted to vote for him even though her vote did not count. This meant that Juelz became the first person to be evicted from the show, something that upset many of the contestants. Juelz himself stated that perhaps this reflected how he was unable to form close connections and foster trust amongst the cast members.

Where is Juelz Morgan Today?

Based in New Jersey, Juelz Morgan enjoys spending time with his friends and family. A man with fun at heart, he never misses the chance to enjoy a good time, especially when in good company. Working as a police officer, the reality TV star takes much pride in everything he has accomplished over the years. He has also been happy to share about his recent television debut, something he has been praised for by his friends and family as well.

Juelz is especially close to his Aunt Janice, who had a huge role in his upbringing. In fact, he shared the news of his Netflix appearance with her on her 76th birthday in order to give her a happy surprise. When not working, Juelz enjoys traveling very much, having been to places like Hawaii, Louisiana, Mexico,  and the Dominican Republic. The reality TV star also seems to be a nature lover and enjoys cultures that celebrate the beauty of nature.

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