Prediction: Are Christina and Henry Still Together?

Based on the Danish reality dating series of the same name, ‘Married at First Sight‘ is a series that features couples, paired up by relationship experts, who agree to marry each other on their first meet itself. Before they finally decide whether or not they want to stay together or get divorced, we get to see their bachelor parties, their wedding day, their honeymoon, and the time that they spend living together after all that.

The latest season of it, season 11, was set in New Orleans, Louisiana, and featured five brand new couples, 10 attractive singletons, who were looking to find their happily ever afters in complete strangers. And among them were Christina and Henry. Curious to know how they fared in all the drama, romance, and awkwardness of the series? Here’s all that we know.

Christina and Henry: Married at First Sight Journey

Christina, the 30-year-old flight attendant, had just recently gotten out of a five-year relationship and since then, she hadn’t put much effort into dating or finding a partner. However, longing for her perfect match, for a partner with whom she can share her life and experiences, she took up the opportunity to have the experts do all the initial work for her and ended up with Henry. A Louisiana native just like her, Henry is a 35-year-old talent recruiter who desperately wants to settle down but hasn’t found the right person to do it with yet.

He got into the experiment, not just with the hopes of finding “the one” for him, but also for the new experience and the once in a lifetime opportunity that could potentially help him break out from his shell and understand his own ways better. While he was nicknamed, “The Reserved Gentleman” his wife was termed “The Princess Bride” by the experts. But, alas, apparently drama is never too far away in ‘Married at First Sight,’ and it seems like the pair did get caught up in it as well.

Being a little on the conservative side, Christina made it clear that she wasn’t very comfortable with the strippers on her bachelorette party. And, even though Henry on the other side didn’t seem that excited about the men’s party either, the fact that their enthusiasm levels were low could be an indication as to how their relationship would unfold as the series goes on. Do they find their spark and connection or is there no excitement at all? We’ll soon know.

Are Christina and Henry Still Together?

Lifetime, the production company of the series, and the contestants have all outdone themselves this season because there have been no leaks about any of the relationship statuses of the couples. They have managed to keep a lid on it until now. Since they don’t even reveal the last name of the participants, finding them on social media is a mammoth task in itself, however, after a lot of digging, we found Henry on LinkedIn and Instagram, but till now, his profile remains private, therefore, again, we have no idea about where he stands with Christina.

Christina did say that she was “ready to be a wife,” and Henry did seem like the “emotionally intelligent” man that she was looking for, so all we can do right now is hope that they are still together, and see how their relationship plays out. But, keeping in mind the show’s track record, even though we want the couple to work, we, unfortunately, don’t think they would. We think that they’ll enjoy the experience together but will amicably part ways.

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