Christina Phillips My 600-lb Update: Where is She Today?

My 600-lb Life’ on TLC follows the weight loss journeys of morbidly obese individuals as they swear to transform their lives by making some changes in their lifestyle. All the individuals appearing in the show tend to be around 600 pounds or more. They are, therefore, placed under the supervision of a renowned bariatric doctor, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan AKA Dr. Now, who guides them with carefully customized diet and workout regimes.

Viewers of the show get to witness different kinds of weight loss journeys, some of which are inspiring and some take an opposite turn. While many individuals prefer remaining anonymous after their stint on the show, some continue to showcase their journeys even after the cameras stop rolling. One such individual was Christina Phillips, who appeared in episode 5 of season 2. Now that she’s been away from the show for years, if you’re curious about where she is now, here’s what we found out!

Christina Phillips’ My 600-lb Life Journey

In 2014, South Haven, Mississippi native Christina Phillips got her chance at a healthy lifestyle with the help of Dr. Now’s strict diet plans and weight loss surgery. At only 22 years of age, Christina Phillips weighed 708 pounds and was entirely dependent on her mother and then-husband, Zach. In fact, she couldn’t move from one room to another without losing her breath. Her situation got her saying, “I’m trapped inside this body that I don’t want to be in.”

After not having left her house for 2 years, Christina finally decided to seek professional help. Her food addiction began quite early in her life, stemming from domestic quarrels between her parents. The decision was not an easy one for her as she was surrounded by her mother and Zach, who constantly catered to her demands because they could not say no. Moreover, Zach didn’t mind her weight as he seemed to love helping her all the time and was okay with her dependence on him.

However, they did show support for her decision and went along with her to Houston, Texas, to be closer to the doctor and begin her weight loss journey. While in the beginning, Christina struggled to eat the simple hospital food because of their taste, she eventually pulled herself up and followed her 1000-calorie per day diet. She then successfully lost enough weight to undergo gastric bypass surgery. By the end of the year, she managed to lose a massive 267 pounds.

Where is Christina Philips Today?

When Christina later appeared in the ‘Where are they now?’ episode in 2015, she revealed that she reached the astonishing weight of 183 pounds. She achieved that with continuous hard work and excess skin and fat removal strategy by Dr. Now. However, she ended up getting divorced from Zach after her weight loss, as he failed to accept and adjust to her newfound confidence since she wasn’t dependent on him anymore.

In the same episode, Christina also let in on the fact that she further brought down her weight to 172 pounds by being conscious of what she ate. However, she also got too much into the fear of gaining weight again and often went days without eating at all. She then got diagnosed with anorexia which made her realize her mistake and return to healthy eating. “My fear of gaining weight has crippled me,” she said in the episode. Now, Christina lives her healthy life to the fullest and maintains her weight in a balanced manner.

She also constantly keeps her fans updated on social media. Christina also spoke at a weight loss seminar titled Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America. She also ran her first and second 5k at the fundraisers held by the same organization in San Antonio, Texas, and Orlando, respectively. In a significant turn of events, Christina is a mom to her son Ethan, born in February 2021. She lovingly describes her smart and funny kid as her “biggest blessing.” In June 2022, Christina also announced that she was expecting another son in September.

Revealing her 2nd pregnancy, she wrote, “Ethan will be 16 months old in 2 days, he’s such an amazing child, and being his mom is the best thing to ever happen to me. He’s smart, funny, so sweet, and will be a big brother in a little over 3 months! My 2nd baby boy will be here in September.” Although she did appear with her long-time friend and partner, Shane, in the follow-up episode, he is no longer seen in her photos. It is not clear whether he prefers keeping a low profile or is no longer in Christina’s life. Nonetheless, Christina is a proud mother who is living her best life with those who care about her.

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