Christmas on Ice: Filming Location and Cast Details

Lifetime Channel’s ‘Christmas on Ice’ is a made-for-TV movie that revolves around a former figure skater who pulls out all stops to save her beloved skating rink after being told that it might get shut down due to the budget cuts. In the town of Worcester, the mayor informs Courtney that the city’s outdoor skating rink (the Oval) she is in charge of has to be closed by Christmas because the government can no longer fund it.

Courtney then rallies her young skating class to try and save the Oval, which is the recreational center of their small community. Along the way, Courtney falls in love with Noah, an ice hockey player who trains at the Canal District ice center and offers to help Courtney in her mission. Curious to know where this heartwarming film has been filmed and who is in the cast? Well, we have all the information for you right here!

Christmas on Ice Filming Locations

‘Christmas on Ice’ is one of the earliest Christmas movies to film in 2020, wrapping up in February, before the pandemic shut everything down. The movie was filmed entirely on location in Massachusetts. Set in the actual city of Worcester in Massachusetts, the makers decided to film the romantic drama in the City of the Seven Hills. Here are more details about where ‘Christmas on Ice’ was shot!

Worcester, Massachusetts

The cast and crew of ‘Christmas on Ice’ set the production camp in the town of Worcester. Some of the prominent places where the movie was filmed are the City Hall, the local courthouse, downtown Worcester, the Crompton Place store, Birchtree Bread (the Worcester Ice Center), and the actual Common Oval Skating Rink.

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

‘Christmas on Ice’ was also filmed partially in the town of Shrewsbury, which is not quite far from Worcester. Here’s a behind-the-scenes picture of the cast and crew having fun on an icy-cold day on set!

Wachusett Mountain, New England

Located in the towns of Princeton and Westminster, Wachusett Mountain is one of New England’s best ski destination with plenty of hiking trails available for the summer months. Some scenes of ‘Christmas on Ice’ were filmed at Wachusett Mountain.

Christmas on Ice Cast

Abigail Klein leads the cast as the movie’s protagonist Courtney. She has previously appeared in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ and ‘Butterfly Caught.’ Ryan Cooper plays the role of former hockey player Noah. He is best known for his performance in ‘Eye Candy’ and ‘Confess.’ Other actors playing supporting roles are Caroline Portu (‘The Society,’ ‘American Odyssey’), Will Lyman as the town mayor (‘William Tell,’ ‘Hull High’), and little Meara Mahoney-Gross as Grace. Several young ice dancers and figure skaters join the cast as Courtney’s students.

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