Where Is Cindy From Hoarders Season 11 Episode 7 Now?

The 11th, ongoing iteration of ‘Hoarders’ has proved to be one of the most emotional outings ever! But the worse part is, the episodes have showcased some of the extremely severe cases of hoarding. We may believe that hoarding points to simply storing up on things one is attached to. But at times, this habit needs serious reconsideration. When hoarded knick-knacks clash with legal and code restrictions, things get complicated. The accused faces the risk of serving time in the jail and attending repeated court hearings. This can also lead to loss of property and housing. Everything can culminate in bankruptcy and a decline in the quality of one’s lifestyle.

With new episodes currently airing every Monday night – at 8 p.m. ET or 7 p.m. CT on A&E – the most recent part of ‘Hoarders’, episode 7, titled ‘Cindy’, is standing proof of the above-mentioned consequences and risks. Cindy’s history with hoarding has reached a point where she clashes with the law! In fact, she risks losing it all. And here is everything we know about this featured star from the series.

Cindy Believes That Hoarding is a Form of Therapy

To give a bit of a background, Cindy has been making repeated appearances in court for quite a while now. She is involved in a long, legal case with code enforcement. If Cindy does not deal with her hoarding tendencies now, she risks the chance of losing her son’s property and her storefront, alongside everything else.

Cindy’s hoarding habit birthed to help her cope with her tragic past. And she believes that piling up on things is a kind of therapy. She has been dealing with pent-up pain and emotions for years now. As one of her friends explains: the more stuff Cindy has around her, the better off she feels. Even her son says how the junk that has gathered around the property is holding him back from moving forward in life. In short, years of stockpiling has put Cindy’s life in jeopardy. You can watch this clip that explains her state before the ‘Hoarders’ team steps in to sort out her life.

The Hoarders Team Reaches Cindy’s Home to Help Her Out

After receiving a call from one of Cindy’s well-wishers, the ‘Hoarders’ team drops at her place. They assure her that they are only here to help her out — once she allows them to go ahead. A glance at her home and it is overflowing with stuff that has long lost their value. The yard is packed with junk vehicles while the interior has items, occupying the space from the ceiling to the floor. What’s more? Cindy has barely enough space to shove a bed in her bedroom! You can have a glimpse of both the outside and inside of her house before the team starts clearing the mess.

We have observed how Cindy’s friends and family have been so supportive of her journey. Her daughter gets extremely emotional when she says that she wants her mother back in her life. The fam repeatedly reiterates that they are there for her in any circumstance. Of course, the crew of experts finally manage to convince Cindy that they are here to save her home. The journey is difficult but with the proper guidance and support, Cindy is definitely on the right path toward embracing a better, more organized lifestyle. Have you watched Cindy’s episode yet? If not, give it a glance and we are sure, you will believe her story to be one of the most emotional ones in the show.

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