Where Is Flora From Hoarders Season 11 Episode 6 Now?

A&E’s ‘Hoarders’ is back with its 11th season, and this time, it is bigger and messier than ever. Focusing on a single individual and their hoarding habits in an episode, it highlights how their inability to part with their possessions, no matter how small or irrelevant, threatens to tear their whole world apart. And, although we wish it weren’t true, that is not an understatement. If the hoards don’t positively respond to the professional aid being provided to them, the consequences involve either an eviction, jail time, or social services interfering, especially in cases where small children are involved.

With new episodes currently airing every Monday night – at 8 p.m. ET or 7 p.m. CT on A&E – its most recent one, episode 6, entitled ‘Flora,’ proves the above-mentioned point of the consequences and risks.

Flora’s House Is A Junkyard

A&E’s official synopsis for this episode lays it all out: “Flora’s daughter and grandchildren recently moved in with her, but due to the massive hoard, the entire family must eat, sleep, and live in a single bedroom. With broken windows, black mold, and a major cockroach infestation, the house is no place for anyone, especially children.” If that doesn’t paint the perfect picture, then Flora’s words herself do. In the 30 second snippet posted by the network on their Twitter account, the very first thing that we hear is Flora saying, “My house is a junkyard.” As the camera pans over every room of the house and the yard outside, we see that those words could not be truer.

One of her family members mentions the extent of the cockroach infestation by simply stating that she stays up most of the night to pick the insects from her kitten. That, combined with the visual of those massive roaches crawling at every corner of the house gave us shivers down our spine. What’s worse is that because Flora’s items are in every room, covering every surface, the possibility of those bugs being underneath and in all of it is high, which becomes a massive health hazard as well. It will only continue and get worse if it is not tackled. Junkyards are messy, full of useless artifacts, and surrounded by insects, and unfortunately, Flora’s house is no different.

Flora and Her Habits Spiral Out of Control

“We are talking mountains of stuff, it’s just spiraling out of control,” was what we heard from a professional. But, what followed were tears, arguments, and a whole mess of events. When the professionals and Flora’s family members came together to talk to her about what she needed to do to help herself and others, and started trying to clean up, Flora got flustered and frustrated. She said that she doesn’t need anyone else to tell her what to do or how to live. That would have been acceptable and completely okay for her to say and feel under any other circumstances, but this time, it was her own hoarding disorder that let to all this. And now, it is not just her life that hangs in the balance.

Since Flora’s daughter and grandchildren have moved in with her, there are little kids to think about – kids who have a whole future ahead of them. Therefore, their safety and well-being is everyone’s priority, even the experts’. If by any means, they are not able to clean up or the environment that they find is uncooperative, they will call social services without hesitation. Fortunately, though, it doesn’t seem like that happened. In the snippet, a voice-over said, “You have a good heart Flora, and you want to do right.” After that, there were tears. But, eventually, it looked like things were proceeding well and that living conditions were getting better.

Slowly, yet surely, with the support of friends and family, Flora’s habits, her relationship with herself and her family, and her overall living conditions are bound to improve. Of course, the experts have a massive hand to play in it as well. This episode will be a heart-wrenching one, but we’re sure that it’ll be worth it.

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