Citadel Episode 4 Recap: Tell Her Everything

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The mystery gets more convoluted in the fourth episode of Prime Video’s spy-drama series, ‘Citadel.’ With just two more episodes to go, the show spins more questions than it answers and keeps the audience guessing about the identity of the mole who took down the spy agency. In the previous episode, a conversation with an old friend led Mason to the possibility that Nadia might be the one who destroyed everything. Still, it’s a criminal’s word over hers, and at the moment, he has no choice but to trust her. The fourth episode goes deeper into their history, especially Abby’s, revealing her true connection with Citadel. Here’s what the ending reveals. SPOILERS AHEAD

Citadel Episode 4 Recap

Nadia and Mason break into the Manticore black site to free Carter, another Citadel agent who survived the fall of the secret organization. The moment he sees them, he accuses one of them of being responsible for everything that has happened to them. In the flashback, we return to ten years before the fall. Nadia brings in Celeste Graham, assigning her to a critical mission.

Mason is wary of her and worries that Celeste might not be the right person for the job. His suspicions grow worse when Celeste, who went underground, fails to report for weeks on end. Months later, with no communication from Celeste, Mason becomes impatient and storms the place, ruining Celeste’s mission and posing a question that makes him reconsider everything he thought he knew about Nadia.

Citadel Episode 4 Ending: Why Did Mason Remove Celeste’s Memories?

Celeste Graham was a low-tier Citadel agent until she worked with Nadia Sinh and saved her life. Nadia liked her and decided to promote her to Tier 1. This means that Celeste could be trusted with more dangerous and high-priority assignments. She is tasked with retrieving the Oz Key from the Silje brothers. She goes undercover and woos Anders, making him fall in love with her. In the beginning, Mason keeps tabs on her, but then, she goes radio silent, which worries her handler.

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After months of gathering information, Celeste finally steals the Oz Key but is caught by Danik. He almost kills her, but then the Citadel team storms the place. Danik runs away, Silje is caught, and Celeste is brought in for questioning. There is no sign of the Oz Key. Mason believes that when Celeste was out of touch, she stole the Key for herself, hoping to sell it to the highest bidder to pay off her twin brother’s debt.

Celeste claims innocence, and this causes a clash between Mason and Nadia. Nadia vouches for Celeste and implores Mason not to make any harsh decisions. However, he is convinced that the Oz Key is already in the wrong hands. Nadia convinces their superiors that with Danik still out there, Celeste and her brother’s lives are in danger. She wants Celeste to be sent to a safe house until they catch Danik or figure out what happened to the Oz Key.

While Mason is fine with the safe house idea, he doesn’t want them to stop there. He puts in a request to initiate a backstop for Celeste. If they find the Oz Key and discover that she really is innocent, they could give her back her memories. If not, then all of their secrets would be safe. They wouldn’t have to worry about Celeste betraying them. He goes after it so passionately that everyone around him wonders why he is so invested in getting Celeste out of the way. Eventually, Carter figures it out.

When Celeste stole the Oz Key, she hid it in her bag, which was retrieved by the Citadel team. It turns out that a Tier 1 officer secretly texted the team chief to get their hands on the Key and deliver it to the officer without telling anyone else. Carter learned about it because he is the only one with access to everyone’s chats and calls. He found that Nadia was the one who sent that message, and Mason figured that out. So, when Mason went after Celeste, he didn’t do it because he suspected her. He did it because he wanted to pin it on Celeste and worried that if she weren’t taken out, she would say or do something that would lead others to figure out what Nadia did. He did it all to save Nadia.

What Did Nadia Do?

Since the first episode of ‘Citadel,’ the most pressing question has been about the mole’s identity. Who betrayed Citadel? Who sold the agency to be torn apart by Manticore? In the previous episode, the finger was pointed toward Nadia, and with Carter, too, blaming her, it looks like Nadia might have been the one to bring down the organization. Why did she do it, and how?

Returning to the first episode, when Nadia was on the train and discovered that they were set up, she was shocked. She didn’t act like someone who wanted to bring down the agency they were working for. So, either she was good at acting or didn’t know what she was doing. With all the twists and turns that ‘Citadel’ serves in every episode, it is possible that Nadia might be absolved of this crime in the future, but for now, all evidence points towards her.

Here’s what we think might have happened. The first possibility is that Nadia did it unintentionally. We still don’t know her backstory, so perhaps, there might be an angle like the one Mason found in Celeste’s. Maybe, Nadia needed to get her hands on the Oz Key because she was trying to protect someone she loved. A scene from the third episode confirms that the Key is in the hands of someone she trusts. She sent a message asking someone about a package, which they confirmed they had ready for her. Could it be the Oz Key? It could be that by stealing the Key, Nadia inadvertently helped Manticore bring down Citadel.

Another possibility is that Nadia was a Manticore agent working undercover. She is convincing in her lies because she isn’t really lying. It’s like Mason teaches Celeste; she has become so wound up in her version of the truth that she has forgotten she is lying. If so, then it is possible that only a few people in Manticore know about her mission. Her reaction on the train was her acting because she knew Bernard was watching, and she didn’t want to tip him off before the whole thing went down. There are many possible explanations, one of which could be that Nadia didn’t have anything to do with all, and she is just a red herring.

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