City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

The Starz series ‘City on a Hill’ is an engaging drama series set in the 1990s in Boston. The narrative predominantly revolves around two men — Jackie Rawr (Kavin Bacon) and DeCourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge). If the former is a currently retired FBI agent, the latter is the assistant district attorney. In season 3 episode 7, titled ‘Boston Bridges, Falling Down,’ Jackie finds the man responsible for shooting him. Sinclair finds out about the investigation against him and takes the necessary steps. Siobhan scores a massive and much-needed victory, and Chris deals with his rebellious teenage son. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘City on a Hill’ season 3 episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

City on a Hill Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Jen having sex with Doyle. Jackie is still at the hospital, so he doesn’t know she isn’t at home. The relationship that Jen and Jackie share seems to have become of compromise and resentment. Given how it’s almost always Jen that has to make the compromise, she is the only one who is genuinely resentful in the relationship. Jen begins a relationship with Doyle because he is the first person in a long time who sees her as a person.

Meanwhile, Siobhan continues to deal with her recurring trauma while trying to secure the future of her client, Hernando Mendoza, and that of his family. She asks for Ward’s help, and the latter goes to speak to a corrupted government employee. The Irish mafia, which is intrinsically involved in the Big Dig, tries to threaten Siobhan, but she refuses to back down, eventually securing a nine-million-dollar settlement for her client.

After finding out that she has a half-brother, Jen hires a private investigator, who reports back a few days later. Her half-brother’s name is Joe, just like her father. The P.I. reveals that Joe Jr. is currently a patient at a psychiatric facility in Vermont. The P.I. also tells her that Jen’s half-brother has severe bipolar disorder.

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Since his wife walked out of their marriage, Chris has struggled with his loneliness. He now works for the DA’s office, but that hasn’t solved his marital issues. And now, his son is angry with him because his refusal to quit the police force makes Chris’ estranged wife cry. After learning about this, Ward speaks to Chris’ son in an effort to let him see what a remarkable individual his father is.

The case that Ward and Jackie are trying to build up against Sinclair hits yet another roadblock when the only victim of Sinclair who is still alive and in Boston refuses to testify. Chris joins the investigation and tries to speak to the staff at the Dryden household and discovers that they are fiercely loyal to Sinclair. Ward realizes that the law enforcement officer that threatened the victim on Sinclair’s behalf might not have been a cop. The victim is a Russian immigrant, and she probably didn’t realize that she wasn’t speaking to an ordinary police officer but to an FBI agent. This is a more likely scenario as Dryden was the regional head of the FBI. This leads Jackie to figure out exactly who was sent to threaten the young girl.

Jackie gathers evidence by planting a video camera in Sinclair’s office and capturing footage of Sinclair speaking to the agent mentioned above. He eventually quits his job as the security officer for the Drydens. Jackie tries to convince Letitia to walk away from Sinclair, but she first attempts to persuade him to marry her and then threatens him. The episode ends as Ward finds Sinclair in Guy Dan’s office.

City on a Hill Ending: Who Hired the Assassins to Kill Jackie?

It turns out Jackie was right about who came after him. They were indeed Italians, but not for the reasons Jackie thought they had. Most of the mafia members are still behind bars. This has left their children with no small amount of resentment toward Jackie. But ultimately, they didn’t go after Jackie on their own.

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With the help of his FBI connection, Jackie discovers that Doyle hired the assassins to come after him. Doyle is subsequently arrested by the FBI. Jen refuses to believe when Jackie tells her about Doyle ordering a hit on him or that he is a member of the IRA. She later visits Doyle. The meeting has a sense of permanence to it as if they are seeing each other for the last time. Doyle tells Jen, probably for the last time, to leave Jackie for good.

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