Classroom of the Elite Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Scandolous Rumors Worry Ayanokouji

In ‘Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e 3rd Season’ or ‘Classroom of the Elite III‘ episode 4 titled ‘To Work You Have the Right, But Not to the Fruits Thereof’ Ayanokouji meets Karuizawa to figure out the identity of the mysterious caller. Unfortunately, Hashimoto has been following Kiyotaka on the day of their rendezvous and spots the duo while they are having their private conversation. Later that evening, Ayanokouji visits Ichinose, who has been suffering from a cold for the last few days and has not been going outside. When Kiyotaka returns to school the following day, a number of rumors about the students of his class are posted online leading to tension between the students.

Ayanokouji Meets Karuizawa and Ichinose

Ayanokouji wakes up morning and notices that he has a missed call from Kiyotaka. He has been planning to meet her, so he sends her a message about the same. The following day when he arrives in the class, the students are talking about Valentine’s Day. Therefore, the topic of discussion is naturally about whether the students receive chocolates or not. When Ayanokouji is asked, he says that he got nothing from anyone. While most students are like him, Hirata suddenly reaches the classroom with a bag full of chocolates.

Meanwhile, Kiyotaka has a conversation with Horikita about her current dialogue with Kushida. She reveals that she is still working hard to improve their relationship. But Horikita is still unsure if her efforts are having the desired result. Later that day after school, Kiyotaka reaches the location where he has asked Karuizawa to meet him unbeknownst to the fact that Hashimoto has been following him around. Ever since he has learned that Ayanokouji may have had a role to play in Ryuuen’s fall from grace, he is curious to learn more about him.

When Karuizawa and Ayanokouji finally meet, they start their conversation with mundane topics. The former feels that they should not meet so secretively since it will arouse suspicion and could potentially lead to rumors about them. However, Kiyotaka does not seem to care. He eventually arrives as the real reason for which he called her there. It turns out that he is still thinking about the identity of the secret caller who had contacted him earlier.

Karuizawa is more than willing to help him and immediately checks her contacts. However, she does not have that particular number on her phone. She offers to dig deeper to figure out the identity of the person. Once they have had their conversation, Karuizawa asks Kiyotaka what day it is. The latter is not at all interested in answering the question as it seems so obvious. After Karuizawa is sure that they are alone, she hands over a box of chocolates to him. She claims that she has bought it for Hirata but now that they have broken up, she does not wish to waste it.

Karuizawa inquires if Ayanokouji received chocolates from others. Interestingly, he claims that no one else really gave him anything. The duo is shortly interrupted by Hashimoto who inquires about their relationship. But Karuizawa comes up with a good excuse to make him think that is mistaken. Later that evening, Ayanokouji visits Ichinose since she has been really sick and has not been coming to school. It turns out that she still has a cold and hasn’t really met her friends in a while. The duo talk for a while.

Mysterious Rumors Lead to Tension Among Students

The following day, when the students arrive at the school, their phones start buzzing in unison. It turns out that all of them have received the same string of messages, which makes several scandalous claims about the students. One of the rumors says that Satsuki was a prostitute in middle school, which is naturally an offensive statement. Most of the students are worried about such messages but Yamauchi shows no remorse for Satsuki and asks her some really demeaning questions.

The students protest and try to shut him up but he does not stop. Ayanokouji is also asked if he likes Karuizawa as it was one of the rumors as well. But he declines. Horikita does not like the arguments in class even a little and feels that all their efforts to bring their peers together have started failing suddenly.

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