Coach Snoop: Where Are The Coaches and Players Now?

‘Coach Snoop’ is a documentary series on Netflix that follows the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg as he mentors young football players in the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). The show provides an intimate look at Snoop Dogg’s efforts to give back to his community by coaching and mentoring inner-city kids through his youth football league.

The series explores the personal and athletic journeys of the young players, delving into their lives on and off the field. It also sheds light on the challenges they face growing up in underserved communities and how Snoop Dogg’s guidance and the sport of football become instrumental in shaping their characters.

Nykauni Tademy is The Founder of Snoop Special Stars Operations

Nykauni Tademy, the assistant team manager, referred to herself as a mother figure for the SYFL team. She discovered solace and purpose after the loss of her own daughter by dedicating herself to the well-being of these kids. Presently, she serves as the co-founder and director of Snoop Special Stars operations. This organization focuses on children aged 5 years or older facing mental, physical, developmental, or other disabilities. The primary objective is to eliminate negative stereotypes associated with special needs individuals while providing essential support and resources. According to recent updates, they successfully held their fourth annual football and cheer camp in 2021, with plans for many more in the future.

Kelly “K-Mac” Carmon has Kept a Low Profile

Kelly “K-Mac” Carmon, affectionately known as Coach K-Mac, has gained a reputation within the team for being a tough mentor, pushing the boys beyond their perceived limits. Despite facing accusations of being rude from a concerned parent, Coach K-Mac remained steadfast in his approach, asserting that he cares for the kids as if they were his own and is committed to looking out for them in his unique way. In the absence of Snoop, he often steps in as a coach for the team.

Following the release of the documentary, Coach K-Mac has maintained a low profile, but it is highly likely that he continues to closely work with the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) to the present day. Recent pictures posted by some of the older boys depict him in a similar role as in 2018, suggesting that he remains an influential and dedicated figure within the SYFL community.

Naeem “Coach Black” Mills Lives in Carson Today

Naeem Mills transitioned from working in Executive Protection for Beach City Music to becoming an assistant coach for the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL). Known for his proficiency in assisting students both on and off the field, Mills played a vital role in addressing their personal challenges. In 2018, he entered a new chapter in his personal life by marrying Bella Raye, and the couple now has three children. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Mills is currently based in Carson, Oregon. While it remains unclear whether he is still actively involved with the league, his life appears to be fulfilling, reflecting a positive journey since his time with SYFL.

Eric “Coach E” Thomas is Doing Other Things Now

Eric Thomas, affectionately known as “Coach E” by his students, served as a crucial pillar of support for his players, expressing a deep connection with each of them. In particular, he shared sentiments about witnessing the growth of a player named Justin Flowe, reflecting the strong bond he held with all his students. However, it appears that he has moved on from working with the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL) and has taken a different direction in his endeavors. Maintaining a low profile, not much information is available about his current whereabouts or activities.

Ajee Montes Works in Real Estate Today

Ajee Montes, who previously served as an assistant coach in the Snoop Youth Football League (SYFL), has taken a new direction in his career. He is now the founding partner of Changing Roots, a real estate development company, and is currently based in Dallas, Texas. Additionally, Montes is actively involved in Black politics, showcasing a commitment to community engagement. Notably, he hosts his podcast titled ‘Inner Pump,’ contributing to discussions and conversations on various topics.

Maximus Gibbs Joined USC

Maximus Gibbs pursued a major in American Studies and Ethnicity, specifically African American studies, at the University of Southern California (USC). Joining the university in 2019, he made notable contributions as a member of the football team, primarily playing as an offensive lineman while also showcasing versatility by spending time on the defensive line. As of 2022, he began his sophomore year, indicating that he would have graduated by now. Despite keeping a low public profile, there is hope that he continues to pursue his passion for football and excels in his endeavors.

Jaylin “J-Roc” Smith is Dating Suni Lee Now

Jaylin “J-Roc” Smith, a standout all-round player from California, received multiple university offers, ultimately choosing recruitment by the University of Southern California (USC) in 2021. As of 2022, he is likely continuing his active participation in university football. Notably, Suni Lee, renowned for her Dancing with the Stars’ fame, disclosed her relationship with Smith in 2022. Their public acknowledgment suggests Smith’s presence in the university football scene, adding an interesting layer to his athletic journey at USC.

Anthony Beavers Jr. is in University Now

Anthony Beavers Jr. demonstrated excellence both athletically and academically during his time at Narbonne High in California. In 2020, he earned a spot on the prestigious PrepStar Dream Team. Beavers then transferred to St. Bernard High in Playa del Rey. Opting for a major in psychology and a minor in occupational science, he enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2021. Still an active member of the university football team, Beavers boasts a remarkable 12-year football career, contributing 12 tackles in 12 games. His dedication and accomplishments mark a noteworthy journey in both academics and athletics.

Sammy “Shady” Green is Playing at University of South Florida

Sammy “Shady” Green, a highly sought-after player, chose to join the University of South Florida, showcasing his talent and commitment to football at the collegiate level. His impressive skills on the field have contributed to his success at the university. Enjoying the support and admiration of Snoop Dogg, who has consistently regarded him as a favorite, Green’s journey in football continues to garner praise and affection from those who recognize his talent and dedication. Recently, Snoop Dogg expressed his admiration for Green through a heartfelt post, emphasizing the special bond they share in the realm of football.

Dyson McCutcheon Signed a Brand Deal with Adidas

Dyson McCutcheon, exhibiting versatility as an all-purpose player, enrolled at the University of Washington. While he didn’t have the opportunity to play in 2021, he made his debut in 2022 during the Husky vs. Portland State game, showcasing his talents. McCutcheon’s commitment extends beyond the field, as evidenced by his inclusion in the Pac-12 Academic Honor Roll in 2022. Alongside his athletic achievements, he has also ventured into branding, recently signing a notable deal with Adidas. McCutcheon, who has found love with fellow collegemate Misa Prado, continues to make significant strides in both academics and athletics at the university.

Julian “Juju” Dedman is an Avid Traveler

Julian “Juju” Dedman, a notable 3-star running back from the Upland Team in high school, received offers from Nevada and Florida Atlantic University. Continuing his passion for sports, he identifies himself as a “sportsperson.” Dedman’s journey in recent years has taken him to diverse destinations, including Japan and Dubai. Additionally, he describes himself as a “soldier of God,” emphasizing a spiritual dimension to his identity. Dedman’s commitment to athletics, coupled with his global explorations and spiritual outlook, reflects a multifaceted approach to life beyond the football field.

Jonathan Flowe is Playing at The University of Oregon

Based in Chino, California, Julian “Juju” Dedman currently plays as a Defensive Back at the University of Oregon. A highly regarded four-star recruit in high school, recognized by ESPN and the 247 composite, he commenced his college journey in 2021. Dedman, now in his redshirt freshman year in 2022, has actively participated in two games. While maintaining a relatively low profile on social media over the past two years, he remains dedicated to his athletic pursuits, embodying the spirit of a thriving sportsperson.

Elijah “Baby Bo” Davis

After completing his high school education at Wagener-Salley High School in 2021, Elijah “Baby Bo” Davis embarked on his collegiate journey at the University of South Carolina. Specializing as a defensive tackle, Davis transitioned into his second year within the Gamecock Program, demonstrating his commitment to the sport. Positioned to be part of the rotation in 2024, Davis continues to make strides in his football career, contributing to the Gamecocks’ defensive lineup.

Esai Martinez Joined Bethel College

Esai Martinez, following his tenure with the Calabasas High School varsity football team, furthered his academic and athletic journey by joining Bethel College. Excelling in the defensive line, Martinez showcased commendable skills and contributed significantly to the team’s performance. His dedication to the sport and his role on the defensive front did not go unnoticed, making him an asset to the team. As he pursues his education, Martinez is set to graduate in 2025, carrying forward the lessons and experiences gained from both his academic and football endeavors. His commitment to excellence on the field reflects a promising future, and his time at Bethel College provides a platform for continued growth and success in both academics and football.

Aaron “Tupac” Ulloa is Still Playing Football

Aaron “Tupac” Ulloa, upon joining Arizona State University, has continued to make strides and achieve success in his chosen endeavors. While maintaining a low profile, his journey at the university likely involves a combination of academic pursuits and potentially contributing to the university’s football program. As he navigates through his collegiate experience, Ulloa’s commitment to excellence, whether in the academic realm or on the football field, positions him for a promising future.

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