Coffee & Kareem Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Coffee & Kareem‘ is a raunchy buddy-cop comedy that delivers a whirlwind of intentional gags and hilarious family drama. Its core premise revolves around the troubled yet funny dynamic between a good cop and his not-so-good partner. It is quick-paced, absurd and, at times, quite entertaining.

Plot Summary

Kareem is a kid who is seemingly too big for his boots, and on the other hand, there’s Coffee, a loser cop who is despised by everyone in his department for his lack of wit or courage. When Kareem finds out that Coffee has been dating his mother, he flips out and decides to seek help from an infamous local criminal who has just escaped from prison. The boy somehow brings up the courage to go and talk to the criminal but ends up witnessing a murder instead. With this, he is forced to team up with the cop and fight some bad guys.

Following this, Coffee gets framed for a cop’s murder and Kareem’s abduction. He later learns that Officer Watts, who is another cop from his department, is actually a mole and has been supporting the leading drug lords of the city all this while. All of this leads to a hilarious face-off in which Kareem and Coffee team up against Watts and her gang of criminals.

The Ending

Coffee and Kareem’s relationship goes through a major catharsis throughout the runtime of the film. Initially, Kareem despises him so much that he approaches dangerous criminals just to intimidate the cop. Although reluctantly, he is later forced to team up with Coffee. As he unfolds the mystery behind the corrupted police department with Coffee, he realizes that Coffee is actually one of the few good cops out there.

In a particular scene, Kareem also teaches him how he can intimidate criminals using an aggressively gay tone. But later when Coffee uses this tone on an actual criminal, he still fails to adopt the “bad cop” routine of interrogation. This scene again reflects on how much of a good cop he is and how he can never resort to corrupt or abusive methods like the other cops.

In the final moments of the film, both Kareem and his mother are abducted by Officer Watts. Coffee makes a deal with her: if she leaves the boy and his mother alone, she’s free to kill him and remove all the evidence that proves her involvement with the criminal world. But this is when Coffee decides to ditch his “good cop” persona for once, and a showdown ensues between her and Coffee. In the end, Coffee manages to save the day and prove that he’s not only a worthy cop but also has the potential to be a good stepdad.

Kareem also realizes that Coffee can bring out his badass “bad cop” side when it comes down to protecting him and his mother, and is not half as bad as he thought he was. Kareem assures him that he’ll let Coffee see his mother and will never hire criminals to attack him again. The two bump their fists, and their good cop/bad cop alliance ends on a very optimistic note.

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