Colette Marotto From Dancing Queens: Here’s All We Know About Her

Image Credits: Bravo TV

Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens’ follows six contestants taking up the center stage in an enhancing rhythm. In coalition with a reverent beat and scintillating tenor, the show follows six women going head-to-head in a ballroom dancing competition. As the six amateur dancers vie to get the title of the very best, they put in more than just effort and time. They do not just battle each other in terms of skill and efficiency on the dance floor but also go above and beyond to ensure that they beat out their rivals.

Colette Marotto is one of the six contestants in ‘Dancing Queens’ competing to win the title. Given the catchphrase ‘All is fair in war and ballroom,’ Colette Marotto has left several fans intrigued. So, if you also want to learn more about the entertainment reality TV star, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Colette Marotto’s Athletic Background

Colette Marotto was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. She now lives in Laveen, Scottsdale, far from the limelight and bling that accompanies her reality show status. Marotto graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1996. In her time as a student at the University, Marotto was an active athlete and ran track, field, and cross country.

After graduating with a degree in Biology, Marotto continued her path into medical services and attended St. Catherine University, a women’s university in St. Paul, Minnesota. After graduating from St. Catherine University in MPT, Physical Therapy in 2000, Marotto soon began a career in medical services.

Colette Marotto’s Profession

As a committed individual to medical services, Marotto’s ideals and ambitions led her to become a physical therapist. In 2000, Marotto began her journey at Easter Seals Arizona, a rehabilitative center facilitating therapeutic modalities for children and adults. Having gained enough experience in the industry, Marotto began her own venture in 2003. Marotto established Wheels on the Bus. Based in Arizona, Marotto’s company was founded on the ideals of providing therapy, respite, and rehabilitation services to people with special needs.

Marotto’s experience in the healthcare industry allowed her to create a center that deploys the right services and ensures that individuals seeking therapy can help eclipse their major struggles and enhance their development. Moreover, with a centered approach to her patients and clients, Colette Marotto ensures that she services the number of people who cannot receive such services easily.

In addition to her blooming career that caters to a wide demographic, Colette Marotto’s interests have led her to explore other niches as well. As a fitness enthusiast who enjoyed sports from a young age, she started dancing early on. With attention to detail and a quest for excellence, Marotto’s interest soon led to a detailed exploration of ballroom dancing. She has won a number of contests and performed at several shows.

Along with her partner Kristijan Burazer, Marotto may have easily come out at the top if he hadn’t left her to compete with fellow contestant Pooja Mehta on ‘Dancing Queens.’ Even so, Marotto’s partnership with Oleksiy ‘Alex’ Pigotskyy has kept Marotto on her toes and facilitated her to showcase how she can handle all sorts of challenges, adding to her appeal.

Colette Marotto’s Family Life with Kids and Pets

Colette Marotto is a single mother to a son with special needs. While Marotto’s flourishing career, interests, and son’s needs keep her busy, she still takes time for herself to relax by hanging out with friends. In addition to caring for her son, Colette Marotto is also a mother to dogs and cats. The family shares a close bond together and regularly update glimpses of their family on social media.

At the moment, Colette Marotto is single. While many have been curious to find out about Marotto’s dating life, Colette Marotto prefers privacy when it comes to her personal life and does not disclose details about her past and present relationships. Moreover, the absence of a significant other on her social media leads us to believe that Marotto is single as of writing. Nonetheless, we continue to hope for Colette Marotto’s growth and wish her the best for years to come!

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