Gaëlle Benchetrit From Dancing Queens: All We Know About Her

Image Credits: Gaëlle Benchetrit/Instagram

Illuminating the dance floor with swift moves and captivating choreography, Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens’ features six contestants going against each other to win the title of the best ballroom dancer. In addition to setting the rhythmic tenor on the floor, the six women also find themselves traversing the politics that goes outside the dance floor. The reality television show follows these women devoting their time, money, and energy to win the title of the best amateur dancer in the category.

With high stakes and competitive vigor, ‘Dancing Queens’ follows the unyielding tenacity of six contestants vying for the prize. Gaëlle Pereira Benchetrit is one of the contestants who has made viewers curious. So, if you also want to learn more about the reality TV star, look no further because we’ve got all the information you want right here!

Gaëlle Benchetrit Hails From New York

Gaëlle Benchetrit hails from New York and has lived in the city for the better part of her life. However, Benchetrit’s education was elsewhere. She studied at the Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California. After completing her degree in California, She explored different paths and established her career. Benchetrit also shares her time between Paris and New York for work and other commitments.

Gaëlle Benchetrit’s Profession

Benchetrit’s cosmopolitan upbringing and lifestyle have aided her in creating and running a business that caters to a number of people. With an in-depth understanding of aesthetics and the beauty industry, Benchetrit became the founder and owner of Clinique des Champs Elysees in New York. While Benchetrit’s medical center provides innovative treatments for New Yorkers and people from all over the world, it is just one aspect of her multi-faceted interest and career.

In addition to managing the day-to-day of Clinique des Champs Elysees, Benchetrit regularly attends luncheons and has even been invited to the White House by President Joe Biden. The medical center was established in 2020 in the heart of Manhattan and has since become an avant-garde center for cosmetic treatments and innovative procedures made luxurious and easy for people.

Benchetrit’s business is the first French aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery center in the country. With other centers located in Paris and Dubai, Benchetrit’s medicine and aesthetic center is rejuvenating the cosmetic industry in New York exponentially. She came to dance early on and has since taken to the performative arts as more than just a hobby.

As a Pro-Am ballroom dancer, Benchetrit is not just known around the circuit for her dexterity on the dance floor but also for winning a number of competitions in the country and internationally. Along with her partner Nino Langella, Gaëlle Benchetrit has made it to the top in a number of competitions. It is precisely this grit and tenacious attitude that has made Gaëlle Benchetrit a delight to behold in ‘Dancing Queens.’

Gaëlle Benchetrit’s Husband and Kids

In addition to a prosperous career, Gaëlle Benchetrit is also invested in her personal affairs. The dancer and entrepreneur is married to Yossi Benchetrit and has three children. Along with her husband and children, Benchetrit lives in New York. Yossi Benchetrit holds a degree in electrical engineering from Ecole Central de Lyon, France, and a Master’s degree in physics from Universite de Versailles Saint Quentin. As the Chief Procurement and Programming Officer of Altice, both Yossi and Gaëlle Benchetrit are technocrats in their respective fields.

The couple also owns a Park Avenue penthouse worth a whopping $70m, making them the owners of one of the most expensive homes in New York City. While the couple’s blooming career and business keep them busy, they make sure that they devote enough time to their children as well. The couple vacations to Spain and other corners of the world in summer with their children to enjoy and restore their familial balance. Naturally, we continue to look forward to Benchetrit’s personal and professional growth and wish her the best for her future goals!

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