Pooja Mehta: The Dancing Queens Star’s Husband is Her Travel Partner Too

Image Credits: Pooja Mehta/ Instagram

With a deft finesse added to each movement which is further accentuated by pose and charm, Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens’ features six contestants going head-to-head against each other in a dancing competition. The reality television show features six women showcasing their dexterity in a ballroom dancing competition. As amateur dancers, the six women will not just compete for the top spot but also use more than just their skills to get ahead.

The show follows six dancers contending to win a ballroom dancing competition. However, as the heat builds and the stakes rise, the contestants do more than dance to vie for the title. Pooja Mehta is one of the six contestants who has enthralled viewers with her charm. So, if you also want to learn more about the star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Pooja Mehta: Embracing Indian Ethnicity

Pooja Mehta was born in Detroit, Michigan, on November 11. Today, Mehta has made her roots in Scottsdale, Arizona. Even as a young student, Pooja Mehta had varied interests that allowed her curiosity to venture. Mehta roved far from the United States and her hometown to study. She went on to study Hairstyling and Makeup Artistry at Ecole de Maquillage Professionnel JP Fleurimon in Paris, France. From there on, Mehta’s interest in artistic pursuits only furthered!

Pooja Mehta’s Profession

After receiving a degree and experience in hairstyling and makeup, Pooja Mehta began her journey as a makeup artist. She established a bridal makeup and hair company called Makiaj Beauty in 2010. Located in Oldtown, Scottsdale, Arizona, this established caters to boutique-style hair, makeup and draping services for brides or anyone else looking for such glam. Mehta has even styled entertainer Lily Singh.

Under Mehta’s trained eye, Makiaj Beauty is home to skilled artists with over 50 years of combined artistry experience. Having created a foundation for Western and South Asian Brides to embody the perfect bridal look, Mehta even established Makiaj Education.

The Makiaj Education is a makeup academy that offers makeup and hair programs to budding artists looking to expand their knowledge and skill set in the industry. Under the tutelage of the maestro, the academy offers basic, intermediate and advanced courses for women to hone the qualities of hair and makeup. While her flourishing career in the beauty industry has kept Pooja Mehta busy, her interests in artistic pursuits go far and beyond. Along with her mother, Luna Viva Ananda and Meghana Thanki, Pooja Mehta divulged into the art of dancing long ago.

However, a mere interest soon developed into a skill to be pursued with much more vigour. With the three women indulging in dancing, Pooja Mehta accrued more experience in the rhythm category. After championing rhythm, she moved to Latin with partner Kristijan Burazer to showcase her swift moves on the floor and depict her endless sway on the ballroom dance floor. Naturally, Mehta’s multi-faceted career and interests are just one of the many things that have led her to Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens.’

Pooja Mehta’s Husband and Kids

Pooja Mehta is married to Shimon Himovich. The couple has been married for more than eight years and have been together for ten years. While Pooja Mehta excels in the beauty industry, her husband, Shimon Himovich, is great at jewelry. As the owner of Finer Jewellery, Shimon Himovich works with diamonds and is known for producing fine jewelry for his roster of clients.

The couple also have two children, Yoav and Idan. While Himovich is a practicing Jew, Mehta is a Hindu. Both Pooja Mehta and Shimon Himovich ensure that they instill the values of their culture, religion, and traditions into the upbringing of their children. In addition to their vested interests and flourishing careers, Mehta and Himovich make it a point to travel and experience the bliss of family time.

As such, Pooja Mehta’s enthralling personality and penchant for flair have made quite an impression on viewers. Naturally, we continue to hope for Mehta’s personal and professional victories and hope to see more light in her bright future!

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