Sabrina Strasser From Dancing Queens: Here’s All We Know About Her

Image Credits: Sabrina Strasser/ Facebook

Expertise and grace coalesce in Bravo TV’s reality television show, ‘Dancing Queens.’ The show follows the lives of six competitive women who traverse the rigorous demands of ballroom dancing and compete to win the battle of the best. As amateur dancers vying for the price, ‘Dancing Queens’ looks at an all-consuming passion where six women vie for the top spot and donate their time, money, and skill for the title.

On the front, the six competitors contend to win in the ballroom. However, the contestants also facilitate drama to sabotage their rivals. Sabrina Strasser is one of the six contestants who has managed to intrigue viewers. So, if you also want to learn more about the entertainment star, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Sabrina’s Hometown and Family

Sabrina Strasser was born in Toronto on October 13. While Sabrina’s family is based in Montreal, she was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada. Strasser went to Thornhill Secondary School in the York Region District School. The ballroom dancer then graduated from York University. After receiving her degree, Strasser explored a number of opportunities and ventured into different fields.

Sabrina Strasser’s Profession

Sabrina Strasser’s passion for dancing isn’t just limited to her appearance on Bravo’s ‘Dancing Queens.’ With an entrenched interest in the performing arts, Strasser has even carved a career that focuses on dancing’s allied aspects. Strasser is the founder of a brand called Sabi Chic, which focuses on different aspects that can elevate a dancer’s experience.

The entertainment reality star specializes in the design of Neoprene bags made to carry dancing equipment. Similarly, Strasser also customizes special ‘booties’, which are lightweight and durable shoes made for dancers who have to spend an inordinate amount of time in uncomfortable footwear. Additionally, the entertainment star also models for regional brands.

Other designs from her brand include robes, totes, and pouches. Aside from her successful brand, Strasser’s penchant for dancing has taken her through a number of interesting roles and competitions. As an amateur dancer based in Canada, Strasser has performed in a number of events and shows and even won competitions like The New York Dance Festival and the United States Dance Championship. Along with her partner Stanislav Kochergin, the two have been a part of the circuit for more than 12 years. The two also take center stage in Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens.’

While many may assume ‘Dancing Queens’ to be Strasser’s entry into the entertainment industry, the truth is quite the opposite. Sabrina Strasser has participated in the reality television show ‘Daytime Show (Mississauga) on Rogers TV’ as a co-host and even starred in an episode of the television show ‘Bomb Girls’ as Francine. Naturally, Strasser’s multi-faceted career path is just one of the many things that have led to her continuity into dance and entertainment.

Sabrina Strasser’s Husband and Kids

Sabrina Strasser is married to Ronnie Strasser, and the couple have two daughters. Strasser has been married to Ronnie for more than fifteen years, and the couple diligently showcases their affection and adoration for each other online. A graduate of Harvard Business School in Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Ronnie Strasser is the owner of Phantom Developments, a real-estate company focusing on development projects.

Along with a flourishing career, Strasser is also a mother to two young women Abigail and Chloe. Other than Abigail and Chloe, Ronnie Strasser is also a father to Lauren and Sam, and the family regularly shares glimpses of their familial bliss on social media.

In addition to her role as a mother and business owner, Sabrina Strasser takes a number of vacations with her family. As such, the dedicated individual gives enough time to her business, work, passion, and family. With her striking personality and individual struggles, Sabrina Strasser has made an impression on viewers through her quest for the title of ‘Dancing Queens.’ Naturally, we continue to look forward to Strasser’s personal and professional growth and wish her the best for her incandescent future!

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