Leonie Biggs From Dancing Queens: Here’s All We Know About Her

Image Credits: Bravo TV

The magnetic lure of sparkling embellishments and ornate costumes is showcased splendidly in Bravo TV’s ‘Dancing Queens.’ The reality television show focuses on the deft movements of six dancers as they compete in ballroom dancing to win the top prize. While the choreographed dexterity of dancers is entrancing, it is the extra effort that the six women put in that makes ‘Dancing Queens’ enticing reality television.

The show follows six competitors going one-on-one in a rigorous competition that will test the limits of its participants. As amateur dancers, the contestants do not just face each other for the prize of the best ballroom dancer but also take part in sabotage. Leonie Biggs is one of the six contestants who has made viewers curious. So, if you also want to learn more about the dancer and star, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Leonie Biggs: New Jersey Roots

Leonie Biggs hails from New Jersey, United States. The amateur dancer is based in the township of Haworth in New Jersey. While Leonie lives in New Jersey, her education and work have taken her to different corners of the world. Leonie graduated from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, in 2001. While her association with the performing arts came late on, her career didn’t take too much time to flourish.

Leonie Biggs’ Profession

After graduating from Curtin University, Leonie didn’t move back to her home immediately. In addition to completing her degree in Australia, she simultaneously took up a position as an Institutional Trader at Patersons Securities. After having completed her degree and gaining a footing in finance, Leonie moved to Hostplus as a senior account manager in Australia. However, Leonie didn’t establish her roots in Australia and moved further to explore other career opportunities.

From there on, Leonie moved to London and worked as an IBD Associate at Goldman Sachs. After completing her stint at the renowned company for over a year, she gained a position at Alternative Investment Management Products Limited in London. As Head of United Kingdom Operations at this company, Leonie held a coveted position with big responsibilities attached to her work. In 2014, Leonie moved back to New York and started working as a management consultant with a forte in Asset Management for Price Water House Coopers LLP.

While her role in finance was unwithered, Leonie did seek other options to fulfill her wishes. After working in finance for more than a decade, Leonie sought other opportunities that answered her passions. It was then that Leonie started working as an entrepreneur with a mission to create change. As a social entrepreneur working in philanthropy, Leonie Biggs has brought forth a number of changes.

However, her journey into the entertainment industry came when the world stood at a halt. In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Leonie Biggs started working as a lifestyle model and furthered her interest in the performative arts as well. With her fiercely competitive nature, Leonie’s dance soon became the sight many wished to behold. With her partner Koysta Samarskyi, Leonie took onto the ballroom dancing floor and showcased her best in different competitions and shows. Naturally, her career and interests are just a few of the many things that have made her so intriguing on ‘Dancing Queens.’

Leonie’s Inner Circle: Partner & Kids

Leonie Biggs does not just keep her career and interests in focus but also gives equal time to her family. As a wife and a mother, The financial technocrat with a penchant for dancing juggles several roles in her day-to-day life. While Leonie has chosen to step out into the public eye, she likes to protect the privacy of her partner and children and does not share much about her relationships. Even so, the reality TV star’s incandescent career and striking personality make her interesting nonetheless. Thus, we continue to look forward to Leonie Biggs’ personal and professional growth for years to come.

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