College Hill Season 2: Where Are The Cast Members Now?

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In the riveting saga that was ‘College Hill’ season 2, audiences were treated to another enthralling chapter of collegiate drama. Premiered on January 27, 2005, at Langston University, the show unfolded with a fresh cast of dynamic personalities, each bringing their unique flair to the communal living experience. The diverse mix of contestants, ranging from the ambitious overachiever to the free spirit, added a new layer of intrigue.

As alliances formed and romances sparked, the season unfolded with a blend of suspense and entertainment, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of those who tuned in. Their journeys have undoubtedly taken unexpected turns, and the echoes of their time in the spotlight linger on in the tapestry of their lives. Let us unravel the journeys they have taken since the show.

Nafiys Blakewood is Now a Successful Model

Nafiys Blakewood, once a standout on ‘College Hill,’ has seamlessly transitioned into a thriving modeling career. His success extends beyond the runway as he delves into music writing, showcasing his diverse artistic talents. Currently aligned with the Cookie OKC company, Nafiys navigates his career with poise, keeping his personal life discreet. This alum’s journey underscores the evolution of a model who has found success in both the fashion industry and the world of creative expression.

Coti Farley Lives in Kansas City

Coti Farley, now based in Kansas City, maintains a low profile post-‘College Hill.’ Sparse social media activity leaves much to the imagination, offering little insight into his current life. However, hints suggest a genuine passion for baseball, alongside a profound love for his mother. In the simplicity of his post-show endeavors, Coti reflects the importance of family and the joy found in personal interests.

Israel Jacobs is Now an Editor-In-Chief

Image Credit: Lorenzo Christle/Facebook

Israel Jacobs, now known as Lorenzo Christle, has smoothly transitioned into roles behind the scenes. With credits in productions like ‘The Retirement Party’ and ‘Let Us In,’ he presently holds the position of Vice President at Explore Studios. Simultaneously, Lorenzo serves as the Editor-in-Chief at Explore Fashions Magazine, showcasing his multifaceted talents. His journey unfolds as that of a versatile professional excelling in various creative realms.

Peaches Jaspar Has Been Following the Path of God

Peaches Jaspar, or Alva Francois, took a unique path post-show. In a 2014 interview, she shared her transformation into a preacher and her commitment to church activities. The founder of Next Level Up ministry, Peaches now carries the title of ‘The Governess and Politics Enthusiast’ in 2023. Despite personal challenges, such as the loss of her father in 2020, she continues to carve a distinctive niche, blending spirituality and civic engagement.

Brittani Lewis Loves the Gym

Brittani Lewis has embraced a fitness-focused lifestyle post-show. Her Instagram provides glimpses of her dedication to a healthy routine. Beyond fitness, Brittani has contributed as an author to The HBCU Experience Season 2, showcasing her literary side. Preferring a private life, she shares curated insights, allowing followers to see her commitment to both physical and creative pursuits.

Stacey Stephens, Tanisha Taylor, and Jon Walker are Living Lives Away from the Spotlight

Stacey Stephens, Tanisha Taylor, and Jon Walker, the comedic personalities who made the show a must-watch, have chosen to lead a quiet life away from the social media spotlight. Their absence from public platforms leaves fans hopeful that they are thriving in their chosen paths, away from the pressures of constant online presence.

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