Netflix’s Comedy Royale Filming Location

Netflix’s ‘Comedy Royale,’ which is the product of the creation of Kwon Hae-bom and Park Hyun-seok, is an unscripted comedy game show that follows 20 of the hottest Korean comedians who come together to compete against one another in a fierce competition in order to earn a chance to host their own Netflix show. They must put aside their age, experience, and titles as what really matters is their ability to hold one’s attention through their entertaining and hilarious acts.

The show can be called a comedy extravaganza as all the contestants try their best to deliver and win the competition, even if it involves wearing wigs, funny costumes, and even throwing friendly yet offensive insults at others. With almost the entirety of the drama unfolding indoors in different rooms, the viewers are bound to have some questions regarding the filming locations of the series.

Comedy Royale is Shot in South Korea

‘Comedy Royale’ is filmed in South Korea, seemingly in Seoul. Officially known as the Republic of Korea, South Korea lies in the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula, and due to its vast and versatile landscape and advanced facilities, it makes for a suitable filming site for different kinds of productions. So, let’s take a look at the specific site that serves as the production location for the Netflix show!

Seoul, South Korea

Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Comedy Royale’ are supposedly lensed in Seoul, the capital and urban center of South Korea. Given the indoor setting of the show where the last-person standing comedy competition takes place, it is highly likely that the production team constructed a set on a sound stage or two of one of the film studios in and around the city of Seoul. One of the rooms contains a staircase and several round tables in front of it while another one is a dimly lit room with various lamps and couches, along with some showpieces. Thus, the filming unit either builds the sets on two different sound stages or works with just a single one.

Apart from the colorful and mountainous landscape with modern architecture, Seoul Special City is also known for its state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, which go a long way in the production of different kinds of film and TV projects. ‘Zombieverse‘ is one of the many other shows that have been recorded in the city of Seoul.

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