Was Conor McGregor Really Nude in Road House?

In his debut film, Prime Video’s action film ‘Road House,’ Conor McGregor appears naked as Knox in two scenes. The goon walks through a market naked in the introductory sequences of the character, looking for clothes to wear. The film ends with a mid-credits scene, in which the former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight champion displays his buttocks once again. McGregor did get completely naked to shoot the first scene. In the second one, a hospital robe exposes his bare back as well. The mixed martial artist was highly confident about appearing before cameras without any clothes and he even had an inspiration in his mind!

Conor McGregor’s Nude Scenes

When the first nude scene was proposed to Conor McGregor, the MMA fighter was highly confident about executing it. Even though the project marks his first acting gig, he didn’t have any hesitation about portraying Knox as it was written on the paper. “I just got into just going naked and walking through the street — that was it. I just did it. I’m a free spirit. I was in good shape, so I have no problem with it,” he told People. However, he believes that he could have been dressed in the mid-credits scene.

“It was a little too much ass. Just a little too much. The last shot was not necessary. Could have just been the back. The back was solid,” McGregor told the press while attending a Q&A session. The MMA fighter was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic nude scene in James Cameron’s globally renowned film ‘The Terminator’ to execute the scenes in ‘Road House.’ “I said to myself, ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the movie business in a similar manner when he was standing on the thing in The Terminator,’ so that kind of gave me a bit of confidence,” McGregor added to People.

“Boom, lands down, solid as a rock [in The Terminator], if Arnie done it, and f****** look at his career, I said, maybe I’m onto something. I just rocked with it, and I channeled the inner Arnie, the inner Terminator there, and just rocked on,” McGregor added in the same Q&A. Despite confidently displaying his body in the movie, McGregor couldn’t inform his mother about the nude scenes. “I just hope my mother’s okay with it. I didn’t tell her, I couldn’t tell her,” the actor joked during the People interview.

In addition to performing naked, McGregor was committed to perfecting the fight scenes in the film along with his co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. The MMA fighter even got smacked in the face by a truck door. “I had a black eye and everything from it. [Liman] was like, ‘Do it again! It wasn’t real enough.’ I was like, I have… a big welt on my eye now. We had a great time filming, a lot of fun,” McGregor told USA Today.

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