Where is Control Z Filmed?

Shows like ‘The House of Flowers‘ and ‘Money Heist‘ not only allowed Netflix to capture the interest of the Spanish demographic but also served as gateways to Spanish television for the rest of the world. Spanish television now seems to be thriving and Netflix is constantly churning out original Spanish movies and shows to reach the demand of its audience. In an interview, Francisco Ramos, vice president of Originals for Netflix in Latin America and Spain, also commented on this surge in Spanish content by saying:  “The stories that Mexico has to tell are as diverse as our country and its people. We are committed to continuing to invest in the local creative community.”

From tales of self-discovery to heartwarming romantic comedies, Netflix’s involvement with Mexican productions also promises an array of teen drama. Among these, ‘Control Z’ is yet another coming-of-age drama that delves into the darker side of technology. It centers around a young high school girl who likes to observe people from a distance but does not really have much a social life. When a hacker begins to take control over the entire school and starts revealing everyone’s darkest secrets, the main character takes it upon herself to find out the true identity of the hacker and stop him.

Like most teen shows, the whole setup of ‘Control Z’ is confined to a high school. Even so, if you’ve already watched the show, you must be wondering where its filming took place. Well, here’s everything you need to know about its filming locations.

Where is Control Z Filmed?


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Created by Miguel García Moreno, Adriana Pelusi, and Carlos Quintanilla, ‘Control Z’ is a Netflix teen drama. Its cast includes several renowned Mexican stars including Ana Valeria Becerril, Michael Ronda, Andrés Baida, Macarena García, and Yankel Stevan. When it comes to its filming locations, nothing much about it had been revealed by the cast and crew. However, since it has been produced by Mexico-based Lemon Studios, our best guess is that the show’s filming entirely took place in Mexico itself.

Mexico, North America

Lemon Studio, previously known as Lemon Films, is amongst the biggest Studios for Latin America and the US Hispanic market. It has previously been involved with other renowned projects of the region such as ‘Killing Dots’, ‘Kilometer 31’, ‘M13DOS’, among several others. In an interview, Carlos Quintanilla, Research and Development VP at Lemon Studios, revealed that ‘Control Z’  is the Studio’s first original project for Netflix.

Quintanilla further explained how he came up with the technocentric storyline of the series by claiming that Generation Z is so obsessed with the internet that their biggest fear is being exposed to the real world. This turned out to be the root of the script of the series, which primarily revolves around the lives of the students of a high school who get hacked by a computer jock with ulterior motives.

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