Best Order to Watch Kaleidoscope Episodes, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ is the story of a group of thieves who plan a heist worth billions. The story is full of plot twists, where lies and betrayals, and murder stain an otherwise foolproof plan. All of this makes the show intriguing to watch, but what makes it all the more interesting is that it has been created in such a manner that you can watch the episodes in any order, and still, you’ll not miss anything. This non-linear way of storytelling allows every viewer to have their own experience with the story and is truly something that hasn’t been done before in a TV show, let alone one that follows an intricate heist. While we advise you to go forward with the non-linear pattern of watching, we understand that it can make things a little confusing at times. If you want to find out the correct order to watch the show, then we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD!

1. Violet

This episode takes place twenty-five years before the heist. It is a self-contained episode that gives the audience a look into Ray Vernon’s life and the things that motivate him in the future. This episode also adds to the emotional value of the story and is the one that you should start with if you want to understand Ray better before you follow him into the heist.

2. Green

This episode takes place seven years before the heist and is a turning point in the life of Ray Vernon. This is where we first start to see the seeds of a heist germinating in his mind. It also lays the foundation for the things that will play an integral role not only during the heist but also in its aftermath, deciding Ray and his crew’s fate.

3. Yellow

Six weeks before the heist, this is when Ray starts to set his plan in motion. He starts looking for the perfect crew to get the job done. This is also when we discover the dynamics in the group, which is very important as it decides who will betray whom and how it will affect the entire plan.

4. Orange

Image Credit: Clifton Prescod/Netflix

Three weeks before the heist, this is when the plan is in motion. The crew takes some decisive actions and it is clear that there is no going back now. Each of them is heavily invested in it now. What makes this episode even more interesting is that it introduces another layer of danger to the crew. FBI agent Razan Abassi’s relentlessness to catch Ava Mercer becomes prominent in it and shows us exactly how far she is ready to go to get justice.

5. Blue

Five days before the heist, this is when the crew has to go big or go home. The plan starts to crumble as an important part of it is suddenly removed, leaving the crew utterly helpless. This is also when the hurricane comes around with an opportunity that will not to knock on their door again. This one is do-or-die for the crew, making it an incredibly tense episode.

6. Red

The morning after the heist, this episode presents the audience with the mess that is left behind after the heist. You would wonder if one should watch the heist episode before this one, but you’d be wrong. This episode, watched right after Blue, adds further to the mystery that the show had already been building on. The question of betrayal also becomes prominent in it as everyone wonders if they had a mole in their midst from the beginning. And more importantly, who was it?

7. Pink

Image Credit: Clifton Prescod/Netflix

Six months after the heist, this is when the fate of the surviving members of the crew is revealed. This episode is one rollercoaster of a ride as it answers many questions, but also sets up the stage for the finale. The ending is certainly a bittersweet one, and it gives more emotional weightage to the events that happened during the heist.

8. White (Finale)

Image Credit: David Scott Holloway/Netflix

All the events in ‘Kaleidoscope’ had been leading up to this. Episode White covers the day of the heist. This is when the crew goes all in, forgetting everything about the dangers of their task and focusing solely on getting the bonds out of Roger Salas’ vault. This episode acts as a fitting finale for the series because it answers the most pertinent questions in the story. It is not chronologically correct to watch it in the end, but the episode is made to serve as a finale, which means that if you watch it in some other order, then you will spoil a lot of twists and turns in waiting for you and ruin your experience.

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