Is Couple to Throuple Scripted or Real?

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ is a show unlike you may have seen before. In this unique reality series, the main participants are pre-established couples who have come on the show to find someone who could be another romantic partner to them. Exploring the concept of polyamory, the show certainly breaks the conventions of what one might expect from a dating show while also providing the viewers with much entertainment. While many viewers have come to love the show, some cannot help but wonder just how much of the show is as genuine as it claims to be.

Couple to Throuple is Not Scripted

No, we do not believe that ‘Couple to Throuple’ is a scripted series. Hosted by Scott Evans, the show focuses on both the emotional and physical sides of the relationships that existed before the show and/or are being formed during the experiment. Given the frankly intriguing concept of the series, one cannot help but wonder sometimes if the intentions of the show’s participants are as genuine as they seem to be. However, according to executive producer Tom O’Brien, the showrunners did try to ensure that the experiment did complete the purpose it was intended for.

“We were searching for people who had almost no polyamory experience. To be completely honest, we just wanted people who are really authentically looking to open themselves to the experience. We didn’t want people who just wanted to do this to get famous,” O’Brien told The Hollywood Reporter while talking about the casting for season 1. “So we were really upfront about what they could expect, really open about how it might be thrilling, exciting, but sometimes a bumpy ride, just to absolutely check that their hearts were in this for the right reasons.”

A similar mindset is seemingly followed when searching for the singles willing to be a part of the experiment, though O’Brien admitted that it is comparatively easier when compared to finding the couples. He did add that the potential partners have enough knowledge and experience when it comes to polyamory. Additionally, the inputs provided by Dr Shamyra Howard, a well-known sexologist and relationship expert, only add to the authenticity of the experiment.

The showrunners, including O’Brien and executive producer Katy Fox, have also emphasized that all the participants in the show are told everything about what the show entails before the start of production. The cast members are also informed that they are under video surveillance at every moment, even in their bedrooms. Hence, the scenes of physical intimacy that we get to see between the participants are filmed using cameras that the participants know about. Moreover, the minds behind the project have pointed out that they do have welfare teams dedicated to the various couples/throuples, as well as the singles, so as to ensure that everyone is doing well mentally and emotionally.

Though the concept of ‘Couple to Throuple’ is a unique one, it seems that the showrunners are dedicated to making sure that every participant of the experiment is doing this for the intended purpose – seeing if they have what it takes to be in a throuple. The measures taken to ensure that the cast members are well-informed about how the show works also add to the fact that the show is genuine. After all, if one’s intention aligns with what the show claims to be about, surely their on-screen actions are a reflection of their actual feelings!

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