Peacock’s Couple to Throuple: Where Was it Filmed?

Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple’ is a dating reality TV series that puts four couples, who have no experience being in non-monogamy, under the spotlight as they are put together at a luxurious yet secluded resort for a month. Looking to add a bit of spice to their respective relationships, the couples open themselves to the idea of involving a third love in the mix, from the host of attractive and eligible singles at their disposal.

All the couples meet, interact, and go on dates with numerous singles, who have experience in polygamy relationships. When the period of the experiment expires, the couples are required to make a final decision based on their experiences — whether they wish to bring a third love into their relationship for good, return home as they arrived, or decide to call their relationship quits and leave separately. While the drama that ensues between the couples as well as the host Scott Evans ensure that viewers are kept entertained through each episode, the resort and other surrounding areas tend to pick at their brains and keep them curious about the actual filming locations of ‘Couple to Throuple.’

Couple to Throuple Filming Location

‘Couple to Throuple’ is shot in the glorious country of Panama in the Isthmus of Panama, which serves as the bridge between the Northern and Southern continents in America. Principal photography of the first installment of the dating reality show took place in the spring of 2023, particularly a few weeks in March. Throughout the production process, the cast and crew members basked in the scenic charm of the Central American country and made several memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

Panama City, Panama

In the Republic of Panama, the eponymous capital city is where the shooting of the Peacock production takes place. There are myriad reasons for the filming unit to specifically settle on the city for the purpose of production. Located in the east-central part of the transcontinental country, Panama City is packed with elements that provide a flawless concoction of traditional and modern experiences; basically, serving the best of both worlds. For the inaugural iteration of the show, the cast and crew members were holed up at a ritzy and majestic multistoried villa.

Seemingly situated at the steep tip of the cliff and packed with stylish amenities such as pool and jacuzzi, the mansion overlooks the lush green vistas as well as offers sweeping views of other picturesque spots of the city, proving to be an ideal site for lensing season 1. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the swanky property acted as just another cast member of the first season as it offered its services to enable the cast to get to know each other better. As per reports, sex and relationship counseling and discussion sessions were undertaken at a sandy beach located not far from the villa.

In an interview with NBC Insider, host Scott Evans spilled the beans on the shooting process of season 1. He stated,  “I can tell you that we were at a resort in a tropical location outside of the country. I feel like as soon as we landed in that space, everybody was like, ‘All bets are off.’ It did really feel like this tropical getaway, where you ushered into a new experience of your life.” Shamyra Howard, the resident relationship expert of ‘Couple to Throuple’ shared a morsel about the beauty of the breathtaking site, saying,  “It’s like the air hits your face and you were like, ‘OK, whatever happens happens.’ You’ll hear some couples describe that feeling.”

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