Crazy Rich Asians Mid-Credits Scene: Does Astrid Find a New Lover?

Jon M. Chu delves into the high society life of Singapore’s rich and powerful in the romantic film ‘Crazy Rich Asians.’ Even though the movie primarily follows Rachel Chu and Nick Young, there are glimpses into the life of Astrid, Nick’s popular and fashionable cousin, whom everyone seems to love. The deep dive into the world of glamour and splendor takes many twists and turns as the socialite is caught in the web of traditions and societal norms of the aristocratic family she is a part of. As she struggles with these burdens, her relationship with her husband, Michael, also shatters. However, as the film crescendos to a close with an explosive celebration, a mid-credits scene features Astrid sneaking a peek into her future! SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Sign of New Beginnings

At the end of ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ Rachel and Nick celebrate their engagement by throwing a massive party on top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. While the pair are busy receiving adoration and congratulations from those close to them, Astrid is still processing her separation from Michael. Midway through the credits, she looks distant and disconnected from the joy surrounding her. However, as she turns to pick up a drink from the bar, she catches the eye of another man, who shares a meaningful glance with her. As the two have this intimate moment, there is an indication that Astrid may rekindle her romantic life. Such a development signifies a new chapter in her life as she can finally put her troubles and regrets behind her.

The readers of Kevin Kwan’s ‘Crazy Rich Asians,’ the source text of the film, must have recognized the man as Charlie Wu, Astrid’s ex-fiance. He shows up in her life to reignite their connection. Jon M. Chu initially wanted to make the connection evident through a dance they share. The filmmaker even shot the scene, but he decided against including it in the film. “But the problem was, it made Astrid feel like she was leaving Michael for Charlie, and we didn’t have enough room to expand on the idea. We just had to stay focused. […] When we took it out, Astrid’s journey became stronger. It was about her, not about her finding love,” Chu told EW about eliminating the scene from the final cut.

It doesn’t mean that we won’t get to see more of Astrid and Charlie. In the upcoming sequel to the romantic comedy, their relationship will gain prominence. “It was just so fun to see the possibility. I just can’t wait to be able to use more of the cast more. I think we tapped into their talent a little bit, and to be able to dive deeper into their stories and their performances… There’s a lot of gold there to mine, and I hope we get the opportunity,” he added. Furthermore, the second book in the ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ trilogy, titled ‘China Rich Girlfriend,’ focuses immensely on Astrid, which makes it clear that the follow-up film will most likely revolve around her and her mystery man.

Moving on From Michael

The non-verbal flirtatious interaction between Astrid and Charlie in the mid-credits scene happens after a series of affecting developments. Despite her privileged upbringing, Astrid has an incredibly generous and kind soul, but her marriage to Michael was always difficult because of their class difference. Within the socially rigid world of their rich family circles, she compromised on many fronts just so that the two of them could be together. For instance, to ensure Michael doesn’t feel self-conscious and inferior, she often hides her shopping bags and ensures there is no flaunting of riches in front of him. She also keeps him away from her family’s social circles, where he feels insecure and bitter.

When Astrid learns that Michael is cheating on her during Nick’s homecoming party, she is devastated, especially since she has put so much effort into sustaining and maintaining their relationship. Her entire world crumbles to pieces. Consequently, the revelation forces her to reconsider her decisions and role in the whole predicament. She confides in Rachel during Araminta’s bachelorette party about Michael’s affair. The animosity between the pair festers and bubbles inside Astrid. On the ride to the wedding, she confronts him about his infidelity, only to be pushed back and gaslighted into thinking she is somehow in the wrong.

After being tormented by the failings of her marriage, Astrid finally perceives that she has to cut her ties with Michael. Since he has not been investing and pouring an equal amount of effort like her into keeping their love alive, she has no choice but to let go of him. Rather than being weighed down by his anchor, she realizes that it’s better to stop carrying him around, which she had been doing for quite some time without prioritizing herself. This frees her from his clutches, and by the time the engagement party for Nick and Rachel rolls around, she is unencumbered by the failed marriage. But she still hasn’t moved on as she looks distant and reflective about the events that have taken place. That’s when she meets Charlie at the bar, only for him to pull her out of her solitary and melancholic state.

While Astrid is not self-centered, her struggles with Michael highlight that her problems have always been rooted in her giving too much and not receiving anything back. This has been the foundation of her relationship with her husband. As the story progresses, her journey takes her into her internal depths as she grows to take action for herself and not be dictated by others. In the mid-credits scene, as she stands at the bar looking at the lively party surrounding her, there are signs that she is now aware of her mistakes. Therefore, we can expect Astrid and Charlie to get back together to form an endearing relationship that will bring happiness and contentment to her life again.

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