Cristian Cravinhos: The Killer is Now Back In Prison

The case of Suzane von Richthofen, her boyfriend Daniel Cravinhos de Paula e Silva, and Daniel’s brother Cristian Cravinhos de Paula e Silva, who murdered Suzane’s parents, Manfred Albert and Marísia von Richthofen, in their bedroom on October 31, 2002, was a shocking crime in Brazil. Prosecutors argued that they had meticulously planned the murder with the goal of financial gain from the Richthofen family’s wealth. All three individuals were arrested, convicted, and sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

Cristian Cravinhos’s involvement in the crime was particularly intriguing, as his motivation was not as straightforward to understand. ‘The Girl Who Killed Her Parents‘ is a movie that delves into this heinous crime, providing a narrative to shed light on what transpired.

Who is Cristian Cravinhos?

Suzane and Daniel had indeed been planning the murder for quite some time, primarily driven by the disapproval of their relationship with Suzane’s parents. They approached Cristian, who was 26 years old at the time, with their plan, and he agreed to assist them, apparently largely motivated by the significant financial gain he expected to receive. Cristian came from a lower-income background, and life had not been easy for him. He had previously worked as a police investigator for the GOE (Grupo de Operações Especiais), but his involvement in certain behaviors, including getting tattoos, led to his dismissal from the force.

Cristian Cravinhos, Daniel Cravinhos, and Suzane von Richthofen

On the night of October 31, 2002, Cristian, along with Daniel, arrived outside Suzane’s house. As soon as Suzane let them in, Cristian and Daniel went upstairs and brutally attacked Suzane’s parents with iron rods. When this initial assault failed to kill them, they resorted to using towels to suffocate and strangle their victims. Meanwhile, Suzane ransacked the house, gathering some jewelry and cash to make it appear as though a robbery had gone awry. Cristian took possession of the cash and the jewelry, keeping them for himself. He even took the time to clean the iron rods they had used and disposed of them in a trash bin along the way.

As part of their plan to create alibis, Cristian went to a fast-food restaurant to establish an excuse for his whereabouts. While he was returning to his house, he unexpectedly encountered a friend at 1:30 in the night. She inquired about what he was doing outside her house, but Cristian deflected the conversation. When the investigations into the crime began, Daniel started to spiral under the pressure of the situation. It was Cristian who played a calming role, advising Daniel to maintain his composure and keep his wits about him.

Just a few days after the murder, Cristian made the questionable decision to purchase a Suzuki motorcycle with 100-dollar bills. The police swiftly recognized that this purchase was well beyond his usual means and began to suspect his involvement in the crime. Subsequently, all three individuals were brought in for questioning, and Cristian was the first to confess to his role in the murder, realizing there was no other viable course of action. During the trial that took place in July 2006, Cristian was sentenced to 38 years and six months in prison for his involvement in the conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

Where is Cristian Cravinhos Now?

Cristian initially served his sentence in a closed regime, starting at the Doutor José Augusto Salgado penitentiary, P2 in Tremembé, Brazil. However, in 2017, the Court authorized him to complete the remainder of his sentence in an open regime. This decision was ultimately confirmed by the Criminal Executions Court of Taubaté.

In April 2018, Cristian found himself in legal trouble once again. He was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman, who was reportedly his ex-wife and attempting to bribe a police officer. Police officers responded to the scene after reports of a couple’s altercation. Cristian allegedly offered them R$1000, along with possessing 9mm ammunition, which is typically for restricted use. Witnesses claimed he had a gun, though the police were unable to locate one. Furthermore, Cristian was arrested on the spot for failing to comply with the court order about his open sentence.

Cristian was charged with active corruption and illegal possession of ammunition. He underwent a custody hearing as part of the legal proceedings. In May 2023, he experienced a kidney crisis that required him to receive medical care at the Taubaté Regional Hospital. As of the latest available information, Cristian, 47,  is serving a semi-open sentence at the Dr. José Augusto César Salgado Penitentiary, also known as P2 do Tremembé.

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