Crossroads: Where Was the Britney Spears Movie Filmed?

Helmed by Tamra Davis, ‘Crossroads’ is a 2002 road trip dramedy that takes us across the country with three high school girls who reunite to reach their childhood dreams. Lucy (Britney Spears) wants to meet her mother who abandoned her as a child, Kit hopes to become a singer and get married, and Mimi wishes to travel to California. Accompanying them is Mimi’s friend, Ben, whose convertible carries them across state lines, despite Lucy’s father demanding her return. Beginning from Georgia, they halt along the way at a Louisiana bar, participating in a Karaoke competition to earn enough money to fix their car.

Staying at a hotel in Alabama, the girls speak honestly with each other, expressing their concerns and harsh realities. In Tucson, Lucy has an unsavory reunion with her mother. Driving onwards, they reach Los Angeles, where the Mimi and Kit have their own revelations. Under its veneer of humor and lighthearted adventures, the film explores grounded themes of life’s uncertainties and teenage issues, and delivers a message of forgoing wishful thinking to live in the present. Presenting an adventure that traverses a vast distance and multiple settings across the breadth of the country, one may naturally be curious to uncover its actual filming destinations.

Crossroads Filming Locations

‘Crossroads’ was filmed in various sites across Louisiana and California. Principal photography began on March 12, 2001, under the title ‘What Friends are For,’ and with Britney Spears recording an album at the time, wrapped up six months later by September of the same year. Despite the pop singer’s staggering fame, when asked about her persona behind the scenes, actor Justin Long said, “Britney’s a lot more grounded than the character she plays.” Adding, “She could not have been more down to earth. She’s the sweetest girl. After 10 minutes, I forgot she was a big pop star.” Let us go through each of the filming sites portrayed by the

New Orleans Metropolitan Area, Louisiana

With a substantial amount of filming for ‘Crossroads’ taking place in Louisiana, New Orleans, and its surrounding areas served to portray settings throughout Lucy and her friends’ trip. Its neighboring designated place, Metairie in Jefferson Parsh, was utilized for its urban neighborhoods evocative of the heart of Louisiana. Located within the same Parish, the suburbs of Kenner also make an appearance.

Image Credit: Britney Online/YouTube

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The vibrant capital city of Louisiana nestled along the majestic Mississippi River can also be spotted in the background of a few scenes in the movie. The city’s streets and locales stood in for other settings along the characters’ road trip.

Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana

A number of communities in Louisiana’s picturesque countryside feature as backdrops for the film. Britney Spears’ hometown of Kentwood became a part of the filming process, its winding country roads, lush forests surrounding the town, and the quaint main street projecting a uniquely rustic charm.

Los Angeles County, California

A bulk of the filming for ‘Crossroads’ was carried out in carefully selected sites across Los Angeles County; the diverse locations standing in for places seen throughout Lucy’s trip. The memorable karaoke performance by the girls in a New Orleans bar was actually filmed in Cafe Club Fais Do-Do at 5257 West Adams Boulevard. The club’s ornate interiors and enigmatic atmosphere stood in for Club Bayou. Its old Hollywood-style dressing room can be seen before the trio prepares to take the stage. The club’s two-story bar with a dance floor on top of it became the stage for Lucy’s main event of unleashing her inner diva. Unfortunately, since the movie’s filming, that particular stage has been removed.

When the friends visit Pete Wagner’s hotel, the structure we see is the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. Dating back to the golden era of Hollywood, the hotel has seen the filming of many prominent movies taking place within its premises, including ‘Almost Famous,’ ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle.’ The now-demolished Ambassador Hotel on 3400 Wilshire Boulevard was a filming site for many interior sequences of the film. The Sportsmen’s Lodge Hotel on 12825 Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, facilitated the shooting of the graduation dance performance seen in ‘Crossroads.’

The filmmakers also ventured to Malibu to capture sequences around Leo Carrillo State Beach on 35000 West Pacific Coast Highway. When the friends stop at a gas station in Texas, the store seen in the segment is the real-world Super Store 6 on 37202 90th Street East, Littlerock. In the last leg of their travels, as they approach Los Angeles, the motel visited by the characters is actually located at 12117 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita.

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