Da Vinci Eye on Shark Tank: An App For Creative Freedom

The transformative power of mobile applications has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, transcending traditional boundaries and making the world more accessible. One notable example is the impact on the art world, where smart art projector mobile apps have emerged, changing the way we engage with and create art. This not only enhances the accessibility of art creation but also serves as a valuable tool for both aspiring and seasoned artists. Moreover, such apps democratize art education, providing a platform for enthusiasts to learn and hone their skills conveniently. Da Vinci Eye, which appeared on episode 17 of the 15th season of ‘Shark Tank,’ exemplifies this dimension of artistry and serves as a testament to the transformative possibilities that apps bring to the creative realm and beyond.

Da Vinci Eye: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Samuel Gherman is a professional with a diverse background. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Montclair State University in 2010 and embarked on his MBA journey at Hofstra University. Demonstrating commitment to his chosen path, Gherman entered the field of Strategic Marketing and Brand Management at MallStand in 2012. Later, he assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief at Awesome NJ, a website catering to college students. Notably, Gherman has cultivated a creative side, engaging in mentalism since 2004, a passion he has continued alongside his other professional pursuits.

During his tenure at Macy’s, starting in 2013, Gherman ventured into entrepreneurship by founding Da Vinci Eye in 2018, along with Charissa Castillo. The focal point of this venture was the development of an innovative art projector mobile app. This groundbreaking technology enables artists to project an image onto any desired surface, such as paper or a wall, facilitating the tracing process for art projects. The app employs advanced projection algorithms and augmented reality technology to accurately reflect the chosen image, providing artists with a seamless and user-friendly tool for translating their creative visions into tangible artworks.

Da Vinci Eye has revolutionized the art projection landscape with its mobile app that, while retaining the fundamental principles of a conventional projector, introduces distinctive features that elevate its desirability. Unlike traditional methods that often require grids for large artworks, Da Vinci Eye facilitates the creation of expansive pieces without such constraints. It also defies the conventional requirement of a darkened space, enabling artists to take their creative projects outdoors without concerns about sunlight interference. The inclusion of a strobe tool sets this app apart, allowing for meticulous color comparison and enhancing the potential for hyper-realistic artwork.

Da Vinci Eye Update: Where Are They Now?

Da Vinci Eye’s popularity was already on the rise, but its appearance on Shark Tank catapulted it to new heights. Since its debut on the show, the app’s ratings have soared, capturing the attention and admiration of a broader audience. The exposure not only validated the app’s innovative features but also sparked a surge in interest and adoption. The visibility has undoubtedly amplified the app’s success, making it a household name among those who appreciate such innovation and enterprise.

Da Vinci Eye offers users a trio of apps tailored to meet their artistic needs. Mural Maker by Da Vinci Eye and Doodle Grid by Da Vinci Eye cater to iOS users, providing a seamless and creative experience exclusive to Apple devices. For those seeking an augmented reality art projector, the Da Vinci Eye: AR Art Projector app is another option available on both Android and iOS platforms. While the iOS version can be downloaded for free, users have the option to elevate their experience by opting for the premium version at $29.99 per year. Frequent sales make the advanced features accessible at a discounted rate of $19.99 per year sometime, offering a budget-friendly option.

Android users can acquire the app for $9.99 per year, ensuring a diverse user base can access their tools. These purchases are not made on a subscription basis and if one does not like the experience, Da Vinci Eye promises to refund the money promptly. To optimize the Da Vinci Eye experience, using a phone stand is highly recommended. This accessory proves particularly advantageous when working on a table, providing stability for users focusing on drawing and utilizing the AR mode. For those delving into mural creation and larger paintings, a phone stand equipped with a secure clamp ensures versatility and convenience.

The website complements this user-friendly approach by offering step-by-step guidelines on how to navigate and leverage the diverse features of the app. In summary, Da Vinci’s Eye emerges as a revolutionary tool, marrying artistic expression with technological innovation. It has captured the imagination of artists globally. With features like AR projection and user-friendly guidelines, it transcends traditional boundaries. The new era of artistic possibilities that it promotes makes it a game-changer that will sustain the test of time.

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