Dai Nakai: Where is The Boyfriend Star Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Boyfriend’ offers men in Japan the chance to find love and friendship while living and working together running a coffee cart. In the first season, Dai Nakai, the youngest contestant, quickly made a strong impression on everyone. His fellow contestants and fans alike appreciated his emotional maturity and daily efforts to bring out the best in himself. Selflessly and confidently, Dai assumed a leadership role within the group, garnering the attention and respect of his peers. His genuine, thoughtful, and empathetic nature intrigued fans, leaving them curious about his life beyond the screen.

Dai Nakai Was Very Well-Liked by All His Co-Stars

Dai Nakai was the first contestant to walk into the house, and he welcomed everyone who followed with kindness and curiosity. Recognizing this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he was determined to make the most of it. During the first task, contestants were asked to write anonymous letters to each other. Dai received three letters, but Shun truly captured his attention. Dai devoted much of his time to understanding Shun, trying to give him what he needed. When Shun opened up about his past experiences of betrayal, Dai was nothing but understanding, wanting to be a confidant others could feel comfortable around.

This empathetic behavior earned the trust of his housemates, who handed him the responsibility of managing the house finances. Diligently adhering to the budget, Dai ensured all essentials were available, and no one felt sidelined. Although he was hurt when Shun shut him out without a proper explanation, he remained optimistic, understanding that there would be many more chances for meaningful connections and people who would appreciate his company.

Dai Nakai is Building an Academic Background Today

Dai Nakai is currently a university student, having wrapped up his second semester in March 2024 and looking forward to the new chapter in his life. Given his dynamism during the season, he likely has already made plans for his future and is actively working towards them. Since filming concluded, the 22-year-old has maintained close contact with his fellow contestants and follows them on social media. He formed close friendships and connections that he will cherish forever. Dai’s experience on the show showcased his leadership and empathy and allowed him to build lasting relationships.

Dai Nakai has also become quite a fashion icon, with fans admiring his outfits throughout the year. From casual to formal to beachwear, he knows how to flaunt his looks and has a keen sense of what suits him best. Another notable aspect of Dai is his affinity for the beach. Whether with family or friends, he loves lounging in the sun and enjoying the fresh ocean breeze. In August 2023, while exploring the water, he did injure himself, but he is now well and thriving. Back to making the most of his youthful spirit, he is again enjoying cool drinks on hot summer beaches, embracing the vibrant and carefree lifestyle he loves.

Dai Nakai is Backed by a Strong Support System in All His Endeavors

Dai shared on the season that he has dated women in the past, and his attraction to them differs from his attraction to men. He maintains pictures with his ex-partners on social media, indicating that he has maintained friendly and positive relationships with them. Dai also has a close-knit network of friends who have supported his journey with Netflix, cheering him on and providing the support system he needs to succeed. This has been instrumental in his personal and professional growth, reflecting the depth of his friendships and the encouragement he receives from those closest to him.

Dai is also a dedicated gym enthusiast who prioritizes his physical fitness. He proudly showcases his hard work and well-defined six-pack abs, which his fans admire. It’s heartwarming to see him living a life he’s proud of, filled with hope and positivity. Dai’s positive energy and his uplifting attitude towards those around him are truly infectious and serve as an inspiring example for others. His commitment to health and wellness, coupled with his optimistic outlook, underscores his resilience and determination to lead a fulfilling life, encouraging others to embrace similar values of self-care and positivity.

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