Where is Netflix’s The Boyfriend Filmed?

Japan’s first same-sex dating show, ‘The Boyfriend,’ transports us to a vibrant seaside villa where nine male participants looking for love reside for a month. During this time, they develop heartwarming relationships as they enjoy various activities together, such as spending time on the beach, running a coffee truck, and partying. The Netflix show treats us to breathtaking coastal views and revolves around an idyllic property that sets the bright yet poignant tone of the episodes.

The Boyfriend Filming Locations

Shooting for the first season of ‘The Boyfriend’ took place in the quaint town of Tateyama in the Chiba Prefecture, located on the Bōsō Peninsula in eastern Japan. Although the show included some travel for its cast, all the locations seen in it are within the territory of Tateyama. The Cinemaholic has also dug into the exact location of the Green Room, the picturesque beachside property where the participants spent most of their time.

Tateyama, Japan

Filming for the first season of ‘The Boyfriend’ took place entirely in Tateyama, particularly on its quieter southern coast. The Green Room is actually a commercial vacation home called the Stay Ocean Tateyama – Vacation STAY 10171, located at 1207-33 Menuma, Tateyama, Chiba 294-0221. As seen in the show, the property is well-positioned to visit an array of local attractions. These include the Tateyama Onsen Senri no Kaze and Onsen Satomi no Yu hot springs, The Arai, Hazama, and Hojo beaches, and the Awa and Takabe Shrines. The villa itself provides a number of amenities like a swimming pool and barbecue and can accommodate a large number of guests within its 10 bedrooms.

Heading south of the villa, one will arrive at the serene Heisaura Beach, which attracts surfers and is perfect for quiet getaways like the ones seen in ‘The Boyfriend.’ Another notable landmark of the city is the Tateyama Castle and its Hakkenden Museum, which exhibits local history and samurai culture. The city on the southern tip of the Boso Peninsula is surrounded by natural beauty, including lush forests, rolling hills, and rugged coastlines ideal for exploration by car. Tourists are also drawn to local festivals like the Tateyama Hojo Festival, which sees a grand parade featuring 8 shrines and 15 gods, along with traditional music and dance. The Tateyama Castle Cherry Blossom Festival takes place in spring at Shiroyama Park, treating visitors to local cuisine at food stalls, tea ceremonies, and performances while the Kwanzan petals swirl in a mesmerizing display.

Tateyama is easily accessible from Tokyo, making it a convenient getaway for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, which has prompted the development of a burgeoning tourism industry. The villa seen in the show has also seen renovation in 2023, and it was not nearly as eye-catching in 2022. These refurbishments included adding a swimming pool, the teal highlights on the building, and a range of furniture and interior enhancements.

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